Friday, November 30, 2012

What email system to use?

Right now, I have a few possible options:

  • google group
  • getresponse
  • google +
  • feedburner
  • amember
  • facebook group
which one to go for

Monday, November 26, 2012

new design results

It's not a huge change but the bounce rate overall on the site went from around 70% to 60% - I do believe that this could be an impact from the design and cleaning up the site.

I do see how I react to old designs and I tend to run away from these sites as the visual experience is not too good.

It tells a lot about the site and the quality of the content. Even if the content is interesting, the value of the experience will usually be lower because of the poor visual experience.

I feel that's how my visitors might have perceived my site especially over the last couple years.

Another indication is the average visit duration which went from 70 sec to around 90 sec.

I know, not a huge deal but clear enough to tell something about the visitors experience.

pages/visit 1.7 --> 2.25

same idea

unique visitors went down but it's related to cleaning up the site and removing old pages which means slightly less visits

Wednesday, October 24, 2012



I need guidance and clear direction with that

The general impression is that the rest of the side is heading to extreme simplification.

these longs sales pages with complex design, setting up products, protecting individual folders one by one, links to products on other platforms, etc.

the whole process is quite complex and I long for extreme simplification.

maybe one protected folder, one membership

that's it!!

clear and simple refreshing design

one step to buy.

one member area with clear products, etc.

I have a vision of the design which is max simplicity and freshness!!

That's what I am heading to.

Guide me!!!

I know it's possible!!!

I know it exists!!!

how? where??

what people really want?

simple direct access with max simplicity!!!

one click to buy

no submission of email or name or membership, etc.

the idea of having this complex system on the site with member area is really cool but the ultra simple digital delivery and access to exactly what is needed without all the interference in between is definitely what people really want.

one link one page - ultra simple navigation

clear content display!

That's what people want!!!

That's what needs to be delivered!!!


main challenges with new amember

  • design customization
  • links to only certain products

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Does the price $9.99 or $19 influence sales?

Here is a hint:

on B&N, my lulu books at $19 are now showing up first the sales dropped around 40% in the last month going from $250 in sales to around $150 in sales.

the B&N books I published directly are still showing up but lower which means many people will miss them.

On top of that most of the nook books are under $10, so my books price are perceived as quite high.

some books are coming via the lulu channels, this means that about 6 sales come from the lulu channels.

that's about $50 for these sales.

the average sale for my nook books is $6.50

The point is that when price doubles, overall sales do drop by around 20-30%, not 50%.

This means that if I sell 100 books at $19, I make $1900

If I sell 100 books at $9.99, I make $999

If the drop in sales due to price increase is only 25%, I still make 75 sales at $19 which gets me $1425.

That's still an income increase of around 50%

I do believe that this is the way it works...

The trick though is that on nook and kindle, I get 70% commission only if my book's price is lower than $10 so no strategic change needed there.

On the other hand on Ipad, that's another story, my royalty commission is not dependent on my sales price.

So it's all good!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

why my business books sell little?

the answer is simple:

way more competition:

search for paperback on amazon:

  • jealousy 897
  • breakup 671 
  • selling 12000
  • marketing 86000
is this enough to explain the proportion of sales in the various topics?

I think this is partly an explanation.

The thing though is that jealousy or breakups were way more researched on my end so my books on these topics are way richer.

the answer is that books need to to be extremely targeted on topics people want...

here are more examples:
  • emotions 11000
  • polyamory 88
  • open relationships 32
  • cheating 834
  • penis 2300
  • lingam 300
  • tantra 1700
  • tantric sex 85

marketing analysis of what works and what doesn't and why

That's something I can check further to increase the response my books get...

here are some of the things I discovered:

  • book cover with picture or no picture doesn't seem to be a major influence factor - I can't measure any sizable difference in the sales

possible ebooks and books strategies

here are the major directions I can take right now:

  • find ways of promoting my ebooks further
  • create new ebooks
  • update and perfect the existing ones
  • marketing analysis of what works and what doesn't and why

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is there something simply you can do to multiply sales?

Yes! There is!!!

manipulate the perceived value by increasing the real value.

for instance if I just wrote a 30 pages ebook, adding 30 targeted chapters will increase the perceived value and the real value.

What's the greatest obstacle to sale?

It is the fact that the perceived need is not strong enough!

For instance, you enter a shop and think about getting a new pair of jeans.

You quickly think about it and realize that you already have 4 pairs of them at home.

You walk out of the store without spending a penny.

Why is that?

It is because at first the perceived need was high enough to get you to enter the shop.

You thought that maybe you needed a new model, or forgot about the 4 pairs you already had.

After entering the shop, you start thinking and the perceived need drops.

It drops because, maybe the models you see don't match your expectations or you remember the 4 pairs you already have or the price is too high.

price too high means that the need is to small to justify the investment.

If the price is equal to the perceived value or the perceived need, you hesitate.

If the price is lower than the perceived need you get the pair of jeans.

If the price is too high, you give up.

So, the sale process is a battle between 2 forces:

forces that push the sale and forces that object the sale.

It's a battle between those 2.

In the objections you can as well have practical objections, like the fact that you don't know where to park that new car.

In the objections line, you can find as well lack of trust!

this means that you don't trust the product or service.

another objection is missing information which is the same as lack of trust.

This means that buying confidence is too low.

Why do people buy from you? - TIP

It is very simple!

It is because they need what you have to offer.

If the need is weak, they won't buy!

If the need is strong they will buy.

So, NEED is THE element that control sales!

Now, need can be totally subjective!

For instance, a guy doesn't need a sport's car!

It just gives him gratification.

It is not the absolute need!

It is the perceived need!

And this is where sales people manipulate and influence sales.

they influence the perceived need that this person has for a given product or service.