Monday, July 16, 2007

Coaching hype! - Why it is a turn off for visitors

This one is mainly for coaches.

(I might publish this article on another blog for coaches at a later stage)

This is an essential issue!!!

I was just reading an articles I wrote some years ago where talking about myself, I used expressions like:
  • I am your change catalyst
  • I am an agent of your transformation
  • Etc.

Whaou! I see it now as such massive turn offs for those who would visit the site.

What do I see when I read this? I feel like I am singing songs to my own glory!!! :)


Because I am talking about myself in such grand concepts and words!!! Where does this leave my clients and those I help.

I glorify my action and the focus on my clients and visitors is lost!

The focus must stay on those who visit your site.

How to turn this around?

What would I say now?

  • I help you transition!
  • I support you in taking action!
  • Etc.

I ---> You

Works better to me :) Makes me feel better as well (It's not just a selling or promotional tactic)

What do you think?

To your power!


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