Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why pages of unsorted links or information overload kill the value of your site - TIP

This one might be slightly counter intuitive but here is how it works:

If you have a whole list of unsorted (undigested) links on a given topic on a specific page, this could hurt the value of that page/topic for your visitor.

When you give them a whole page of unsorted links, you are giving them work.

In fact, it will create stress and force them to spend hours online sorting through pages of undigested info.

More links means actually less value!

This means that when you are confronted with the choice of adding pages of links, think actually of what you are saying to your visitors: work overtime to sort through all that!

Information overload is a real challenge.

Through the pages of links that you give to your visitors, there could be just a couple of key points they need to know about. The rest is just "noise" they can't use!

Remember that next time you think of filling a page with links you did not actually check and are of questionable value.

Ask yourself: Is this information making my visitor's life easier or harder?

Think about it!


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