Monday, October 8, 2007

Videos! - How edited do they need to be? - TIP

Here is my experience:

The level of editing in a video is totally irrelevant!!!

Okay! Maybe it matters at 5%!!! which is not much, right?

Here are some facts:

  • There is no correlation between how good a video is edited and the rating it gets on youtube for instance
  • The number of views are not related with the editing either
  • A very edited video does not seem to be more popular than any other non-edited video on a similar topic.


All that matters is content!!!

Of course, the video should better be a good quality in terms of image, colours and sound.

Now, what your audience looks at is the quality of your content!!!

What you actually say! What is the message!

You can ad music, tricks, texts, etc. It does not actually show in the rating or the number of views which is stunning! I was suprised when I first noticed that. I did not expect it all. Now, a year later, it makes total sense

People like raw!!!

The background music or light editing of the video does not ad significant value. It could even take value away because it dissolves the content and shifts the viewer attention to aspects of the video which are not really important.

On top of that, a highly edited video takes 2 to 4 hours to create and publish.

A basic non-edited 5 video takes 30 min recording +publishing!

Go for Raw!!!


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