Thursday, December 27, 2007

Create contast! - STRATEGY

This one is essentila when creating a page.

Contrast is like rhythm.

A page without contrast is like music without rhythm.

You can create contrast with
  • Colours
  • white zones
  • text sizes
  • etc

If everything is highlighted, nothing is hilighted - TIP


if there are twoo many wistles on a page, too many highlights, too many bolds, the page looses totally its contrasted value!

it kills the rhythm experience on the page

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Too much info! - DESIGN MISTAKES

overwhelming, right?


Simple, right?

Too much text, totally boring design, etc!

Vague - Not specific enough! - COACHING WEBSITES

It's one size fits all.

There is little specificity

The proposition is too vague and too general

Too much text! - Not enough life! - COACHING WEBSITES


It is stunning!

You are often (in 80% of the sites visited) forced to read a whole detailed page with dozens of subheadlines.

It is complicate an requires big effort at first.

The coach does not seem to simplify the visitor's life!!!

Not a single entry triggers my interest! - COACHING WEBSITES

This is stunning,

I did not come accross a single site in about 10 clicks that leads me to a life coaching site or person I could think of hiring!


It is too general!

It's is not specific enough to a certain situation

Would you hire them? - COACHING WEBSITES

That's the only question to ask yourself when entering a coaching site, right?

Are they a coach you would hire if you needed help or backup on that specific field.

The main challenge is that there are no guarantees.

A coaching session coems and goes and there is no guarantee that you will get real value from your investment, in that case $ hundreeds! with almost any coach out there.

In other terms the perceived value for the service if usually not high enough for prospects to hire a coach.

This is why the conversion rate can be low.

If you want to shift that balance, you need to be very specific in what a client will get and what exact difference this will make in their lives.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Get chunky! - TIP

Make sure you chunk your content together in groups so that it is easy for your vistors to spot and to read!

Your site is besing compared to every other site on the internet! - TIP

White space can be as important as content! - TIP

Use it to shape your page!

Milliseconds matter! - TIP

Pay off your customer's actions as rapidly as possible

Human web behavior is consistent and predictable! - TIP

Design your pages with visual road maps! - TIP

Visual road maps are
  • Points of high contrast that are going to attract your eye when your visitor is in scaning mode
  • Font sizes
  • Faces
  • Blue underlined links
  • White spaces
  • Pictures / Colour contrast
  • Captions
  • Movement

Your call for action button (ad to cart - check out - etc) must be the last acctionable button the page - TIP

This is called button gravity

Why boring is a good thing when it comes to check out pages - TIP

Next to each face, put some form of benefit to the user! - TIP

  • Money back guarantee
  • Offer of live support
  • Expert advice

This creates a powerful user oriented message!

This creates an exceptionally low user bounce rate because it is so user friendly!

Faces are visual anchors for users! - TIP

We recognize them because we seem them everyday!

In a virtual sea of text, they are comforting and we fixate on them!

Symetrical - Aligned - Repeated! - TIP

This is how to organize content!


C - contrast (larger text, alternating colors, etc)

R - Repetition (Present information consistently! - Use a common layout! for similar blocks of information, this way, the eye doesn't have to relearn how it if going to get information out of that page)

A - Alignement (use alignement to separate information from different sources!!!)




P - Proximity (not too close, not too far!) so that they eye can make an easy transition to the next grouping

Eye miles! Good layout! - Less effort! - TIP

In a specific example, Bad layout eye travels 7.2 eye miles - with good layout eye traveled 4.9 eye miles!

less acuracy + longer time = recipe for a frustrated user!!! - TIP

All users are impatient! - They are doing a cost function calculation in their head constantly!!! - TIP

A bad layout can immesnely complicate their visit to your site!

You want to simplify their life!!!

Yes! organize your information in groups of 7 packages max - TIP

This one, to confirm?

Does 10 items work as well?

Action item! - Ad headings to your nav bar today! - TIP

Your visitors like structure!!! - TIP

They like small packages!!! of information and they will use your navbar

Visitor value system - TIP

Good - Bad
Easy - Hard
Useful - Worthless
They will measure it in black and white!!!
in other words: stay or leave
go or come back

Headings have a more calming effect on your eyes! - TIP

Declutter your site!!! - TIP

Make it easy for visitors to use it!

Ad headings to long menu bars! - TIPS

It makes it much easier to navigate!

Result? 25% reduction in home page bounce!

If your design is cluttered, visitors feel it won't be easy to be on your site! - TIP

Easy time? - TIP

here is how visitors estimate if your site is easy or not.

They measure the easyness of your site in seconds accroding to:
  • Site template
  • navigation bar
  • Layout
  • Typography
  • Color scheme

Easy often wins over good, smart or even better!!! - TIP

Remember! That's how your visitors see your page and your site!!!

They want to go for easy! That's their first target!

On search engines, people click more often on the tenth listing that on "next"! - TIP

Because they measure the cost in time and energy to get a new page load and be presented to them again!

Easy matters most!!!!

Is there anything as oversimplifying the site or the sales page? - QUESTION

Can visitors be understimulated because a sales page or site is too simple?

Is this a tunr off because there is not enough stimulation?

If they think your website is easy to stay around, they stay longer! - A lot longer! - TIP

This is why offering a site which is very easy to navigate and get around is the best service you can offer!!!

Make visitors think that using your site will be easy! - TIP

Okay, this one is a massive key of information!

If the sales page is complicate, visitors assume that the product will be complicate as well!!!

That's one to remember!

This explains why the sales page with video, audios, e-book test drive and much more overwhelms visitors and converts less!!!

ad to cart button = mental commitment - TIP

Put price and "add to cart" or "buy now" buttons close to each other! - TIPS

This has to do with the fact that the eye only catches a 2% angle when one looks at the screen!

Having to navigate on the screen to look for the buy now button will cause 25% visitors not to follow up on their order.

In fact the add to cart or buy now button should be placed just under the price

Recording a video - VIDEO TIPS

"A good start is to write things down, read it thru aloud, editi it down and then rehearse before video-taping yourself. They've been doing this in H'wood for decades..."

Friday, December 21, 2007

New sales page for dating for men - created! - First impressions - STRATEGY

First impressions?

This feels good and so far, the impression is right.

Would I get this material myself? No because I don't need it right now, but if I was looking for resources on this topic, this material seems solid!

The promotional hype is not there.

I sound trustable

the tone is very personal and the whole sales page is original

The design is simplified to an extreme! Simple! There is no design!

The heading is catching

Logos, icons and calls for action have been removed!

Distractive links have been removed - There is only one way to go on the page

All these are all positives to bring in a solid offer.
  • Excellent results would be one sale/day (considring the traffic, that's a high conversion rate)
  • Okay results would be 2-5 sales in the month
  • no result would be no sale in 30 days - Considering the traffic, this would make this strategy worthless.

Will people refer this page to their friends? No! absolutely not!

Why? Because the whole tone on the page is very personal and very "insider" like information.

Do I find the tone on the page seductive? Yes! I do!

And yes, it is simplified to an extreme!

Hype blindness! - Yes! It exists! - STRATEGY

Right now, I think there is such a think as hype blindness for millions of people who have been bombarded by marketing messages!

Yes there is hype! yes! It starts being a turn off!

Why is that? Because or failed promisses.

If hypw was leading to results, of course the public would trust but over inflated promisses did kill that trust and right now, hype is a turn off!

The internet audience develops resistance to it and simply is no longer emotionally reacting to it, at least in its original form.

This goes for the promotional packages as well or amazon launches in quest for top best selling spots.

Much better! Yes! It is intriguing - STRATEGY

Now, the page does create a some form of better energy response.

On the other side, the material has to match the expectations!

Yes! You must have opening routines that you do have!

What is still missing?

Increased trust!!!

Right now, people see this page and are not sure they can trust it yet!

Dating for men - Backup ideas - STRATEGY

I'll go straight to the point, ok?
You want to connect with the opposite sex!
It is that simple!
If you are like most guys, your probably have been confronted with this situation a thousand times:
You see a girl you are attracted to.
Next, you either don't have the guts to approach her or you do approach her and say something really stupid.
Next, you feel awkward and she most probably kills you with a single look or worse, tells you to F**k off!
You know what this is? Thousands of missed opportunities!
Now, you might think that approaching women is complicate but it is not!
All it takes is a couple of key strategies and a few minutes preparation!
That's it really!
The reason you don't approach women right now is because you don't have an effective opening strategy.
Now, if you have an opening strategy (like an opinion or teasing opener for instance), what you usually miss next is simply some practice!
Yes! That's it!
The practice itself and getting good at it takes a couple of evenings of experimenting and practice of your opening strategies.
Now, what is an opening strategy?
It is a line that you prepare that will lead you to a conversation with a woman.
It is not a pick up line! It is an opening routine!
An opening routine is a strategy that gets a woman interested in having contact with you.
Being good at opening a set (1, 2, 3 or more people together) is the number one dating skill.
That's the first thing!
Funny when you think about it because even though it is the first dating skill it is probably one you never really took the time to develop, right?
Would you like to develop that skill?
Would you like to check a few opening routines you can easily learn and practice with any woman?
Of course you would like to, but
Now, I have 10 spots free for this material!
Once these 10 spots are gone which will probably be today or tomorrow, I will take away this page and go back to working on this material until it is 100% ready.
Why only ten spots? Because I am still in the beta stages with it. The text is complete but I am still working on the layout, checking for spelling mistakes in the ebook and the setting up the final video format.
The audios as well are still in the streaming format without a stand alone player in the page.
90% of the material is ready and accessible. It is simply not yet in its final form.
Once, this material is 100% complete design and format wise, the price will probably be $79 for the package. Because it is still in the beta stages, you get it for $19.
Now, here is my challenge: I still need 10 testers for this material.
Once these 10 spots are gone which will probably be today or tomorrow, I will take away this page and go back to working on this material until it is 100% ready.
Why only ten spots? Because I am still in the beta stages with it. The text is complete but I am still working on the layout, checking for spelling mistakes in the ebook and the setting up the final video format.
The audios as well are still in the streaming format without a stand alone player in the page.
90% of the material is ready and accessible. It is simply not yet in its final form.
Once, this material is 100% complete design and format wise, the price will probably be $79 for the package. Because it is still in the beta stages, you get it for $19.
Now, here is my challenge: I still need 10 testers for this material.
Once these 10 spots are gone which will probably be today or tomorrow, I will take away this page and go back to working on this material until it is 100% ready.
Why only ten spots? Because I am still in the beta stages with it. The text is complete but I am still working on the layout, checking for spelling mistakes in the ebook and setting up the final video format.
The audios as well are still in the streaming format without a stand alone player in the page.
90% of the material is ready and accessible. It is simply not yet in its final form.
Once, this material is 100% complete design and format wise, the price will probably be $79 for the package.
Yes! I do expect something in return:
You will see a feed back form in your members page and I will need you to actively tell me what you think of what you checked so far and your progress.
I will open as well a few spots for one on one phone sessions so that you can tell me exactly about your challenge
You will see a feed back form in your members page and I will need you to actively tell me what you think of what you checked so far and your progress.
If you have unanswered questions, I will check these as well. You can post them using the same feed back form.
So, Who is next?

Now, I have 10 spots free for this material! - How does that sound? - STRATEGY

Now, I have 10 spots free for this material!

Once these 10 spots are gone which will probably be today or tomorrow, I will take away this page and go back to working on this material until it is 100% ready.

Why only ten spots? Because I am still in the beta stages with it. The text is complete but I am still working on the layout, checking for spelling mistakes for the ebook and the final video format.

The audios as well are still in the streaming format without a stand alone player in the page.
90% of the material is ready and accessible. It is simply not yet in its final form.

Once, this material is 100% complete design and format wise, the price will probably be $79 for the package. Because it is still in the beta stages, you get it for $19.


Does this type of opening work?

It still says that you are trying to market something, sure! But there is a feeling of urgency in it and the feeling that they might miss an opportunity if they don't take action straight away.

Why your audience won't take a solution which is too easy - STRATEGY

This is a strange phenomena and quite counter intuitive:

Making it too easy for your audience can actually kill your chances of success.

Why? Because it is thrilling for a man to fight!

when you give them the solution, the quest and the fight is over!

Strangely enough, this brings in a sense of pease and fulfillment which in fact can be a turn off!

Funny how it works!

It this real?

Well, in that specific sales page, the dynamic now is to ...


Not sure that's how it works.

Right now, the prospect did read so far and what is still missing now is energy.

They have been searching and still don't see the value. In fact it does not give them value yet! The next step is to either increase the energy level or give them value.

make it about them?


Leaving their comfort zone?

This could be the real issue!

Taking the next step means leaving their comfort zone and having to integrate something new!

At this stage, they still don't know if they have the time, energy and desire to integrate what I have to offer!

Why not?

Because, what I offer has to do with change!

It has to do with moving their minds!

It truly has to do with taking action and at least a bit of what can be seen as effort.

This is what now appears to be the turn off.

At this stage, they are already ready to leave the page.

This is what I truly feel!

What I said so far is interesting but is it enough to keep them interested?

Not yet!!!!

Something need to happen next! That's the key!

Adding something that forces them to qualify?

Raise the bar?

That seems to be a real opening!!!

Yes! This sound right!


Auto critique - test sales page - Simplified sales page - Opening routines for men - STRATEGY

Following the first inroduction, this is great!

So far it is clear and works,

The question is what to do next?

Would you buy this product?

Now yet!

Why not?

Something is still missing!

What is missing?

  • Indicator of higher value
  • Energy raise

What do they want to hear next?

That it's an e-book?


That's it is the best product out there?


Success stories?


Do you need to give them a call for action with an email form?


Do you need then to give you the possibility to ask you a question?


Do you give them free access to this material?


Why not?

Because even if it was for free, only a fraction of visitors would take the time to check it out!

Do, you need to replace the sales letter by directly the access to the videos for free?

That's an option if I want to offer a free product. This would work.

But let's refocus on a product you want to sell.

What is the next step?

What do men need to hear next?

Indicator of higher value - TIP

It's very simple, people don't buy from you unless you have something they don't have.

If you have something they don't have that they would like, you still have to demonstrate that you are on their side.

Competitive reactions kill the magic of establishing a relationship with your target audience.

Yes, depending on what you say, your audience will turned on or turned off.

If they find you sympathetic, they will establish that connection with you.

If they not, they will leave your page and go somewhere else.

An indicator of highre valkue shows them that you are the person to get this material from! That what you offer is the best they can get on this topic!

How do you indicate higher value?
  • Tell about your experience
  • Success stories
  • Demonstrate your expertise

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Conclusions - Dec 2007 steps - New break up sales page with videos - STRATEGY

Okay, this months has been hugely interesting for marketing on the site.

I did follow a marketing line with promotional messages and videos on the main break up e-book page.

The whole tone, style and intention was promotional and could be felt as soon as you log in the page.

The page was as well filled with lots of conetnt with full width window:
  • e-book test drive
  • audio testimonial
  • 2 videos
  • images
  • product description

All that within the first window without scrolling

That's lots!

It is too short to get 100% sure conclusions but the first impression is that sales seemed to drop.

If feels like the marketing tone of the page must have been a turn off, or too much info at once, or product too complicate or lack of coherence.

Whatever that was, the sales did not boost at all! On the contrary!

Now, I get the feeling that the audience has to get used to it. It has to get familiar with a new communications style before it adopts it.

But even then, there is no guarantee that this new sales page would even equal the success of the previous more simple one (without videos).

I get the feeling that overall this new page was a bit overwhelming and maybe tunring off visitors with too much hype.

It makes it less personal.

All these are guess backed up with som limited stats.

The numbers are too small to darw final conclusions.

I would have to multiply the test audience or the test period by 100 to be sure (with real split tests which could not be implemented because the audience and number of visitors is too small)

However, the results observed do make sense.

I can find intuitive explanations for the observed trends.

Conclusion: more hype, more info does not sell better!!!

Tutorial videos in coaching area - STRATEGY

At a ceratin moment, I thought these new videos posted 10 months ago (Feb 2007) might have influenced negatively coaching sign ups but not true.

The flow of new clients was steady at that time. No drop.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007 versus - Which works best? - STRATEGY

Some preliminary unconfirmed results.

Seem to show that malejealousy triggers a higher CTR in the ads but the conversion rate seems to be overall lower.

Does a unique domain name for a product truly work?

Well, it could trigger again the negative "Marketing/Hype" signals in the prospects emotions especially if the site has no other substance than a sales page only with no possibility to veryfy the credibilty of the author.

The page creates an authority hubb which ads various qualities to the sales page. Maybe those elemenst ad comfort to the prospect and make the buying process easier.

Again, these are just guesses which would need to be confirmed

New sales page style with videos - more complex - wide + added extras! - STRATEGY

With all the improvemenst to these sales pages, the number of sales should hgave gone up!

While this is no final indication as the time period is too short, it is stunning that a few of the sales came actually from the old format, not the new one!

It could be that the new page is too "heavy with content and promotional messages.

Here are possible turn offs:

  • More promotional tone - Too high energy - makes it less personal
  • Too many mediums: videos + test drive + text + audios
  • Wide format
  • Too many extras / Product too complicate
  • My face in the first page with very promotional/ sales like attitude - kills the trust and triggers competitive response

All these are just guesses!!!

Does this confirm that marketing and promotional style is a massive turn off when it comes to a break up e-book for instance?

Could be!!!

a promotional style and typical marketing/sales pages work great when selling marketing products or working mainly with a marketing audience.

Now, with coaching, the tone needs to shift to something more personal and intimate.

Hype disrupts the message and create a negative energy response in those who access the page.

For now, all these are jsut guesses!

But it is something that has been obesrved before.

Here are triggers which call fro a negative response in the prospect:

  • Marketing design
  • Hype
  • Dead line for purchase
  • Loads of extras and bonuses promoted heavily top page
  • Very promotional attitude
  • Promisses with no proof
  • Free reports or forced optins
  • Etc

All these trigger the "I am dealing with a marketer" response which triggers a negative emotional response.

This is why, most of what should have been an improvement on my sales pages called for a drop in sales and lack of response.

On the other hand here are the elements that did trigger sales and trust:

  • Simple and direct demonstration of my expertise
  • Precise and coherent description of what the solution looks like
  • Solid testimonial (the audio one worked great I think)
  • Simple product with a few extras
  • Very simple buying process - one click selection (No shopping cart structure - my guess is that it would work less well - It normalizes and kills the thrill - To be confirmed though)

On top of the list are:

  • Simple demonstration of expertise and solution
  • Simple product

These seem to be the two key elements that trigger positive response and sales.

Obviously, that's what would trigger a positive response for me as well.

The rest is seen as marketing hype and sales manipulation I think. My guess is that at least 50% of possible prospects are heavily turned off by marketing elements on the page.

Or maybe, it the way these marketing elements are presented - Maybe in a way which is not convincing enough.

All these are mainly guesses but again partially and confirmed by observation and intuitive elements

Drop in traffic - Linked to new adwords campaigns?

This is stunning because I did observe it a few times already!!!

A new campaign in adwords or modification seems synchronized with a significant drop in traffic coming from the organic searches.

This drop is around 20 - 25% and is very significant!

Now, this could be a coincidence or simply linked with another observed cause for drop:

The fact that a site map has been posted around 2 months earlier.

When a new site map has not been posted for 2 months, I did observe a few times a drop in traffic as well.

So those two elements could be linked:
  • Drop in traffic related with new adwords campaign or update! - YES - NO ???
  • Drop in traffic related with outdated site map: - YES - NO ???

I did observe this last one a few times already. drop and traffic seems to be linked with old site map.

Both need to be confirmed in the future

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

150+ domain names - Yes? No?

In the last year I have been owning 150+ domain names.

Out of those 150, around 15 have been used in one way or another.

Most of these sites have been created in one or two days, posted and unchanged.

Now, was it worth it?
  • The traffic to these sites is insignificant unless there is an active cross linking strategy + promotion of the site
  • The time spent on these sites could be spent on, creating new pages, updating design, etc.

on average, these sites generate 50 visits/month x 15 = 750 visits/month and this could mean 1-3 sales/month.

What does it mean? that the sites just paid of for themselves but do not pay off for the 1 month work + attention they take.

yes, the success is equivalent to some of the steps taken on

No, there is no significant growth visible which is a pitty.

The next question is credibility or traffic building to other pages on

Do active links directed to increase the rank of these pages in search engines?

This is the big factor that can't be measured!

Right now, only 10% of the pages on these sites do refer to pages on

Yes! I do believe it has an impact and it reinforces the presence of online but it is tricky to measure the impact they do have.

Right now, this would be the only reason to maintain these sites active!

Actively developing a site takes massive time and energy.

Especially the traffic building part.

Now, all this energy invested into new sites could be directed to exclusively.

Or, these cross linking strategies are worth it and do generate higher ranking and exposure for

Monday, December 17, 2007

Selling confidence - STRATEGY

In the attitude you can develop, this is one of the keys to selling effectively!

  • You are confident

  • You know your product in depth

  • You believe in what you sell

  • Your product is high quality

  • You understand your audience

  • You connect with your audience

All of these need to be demonstrated on a sales page!

Hype or no hype? - What works best? - STRATEGY

Especially with personal products, are prospects tired of hype?

Is there such thing as "Hype" blindness or even Hype turn off?

Sure there is! especially if the claims sound like big lies!

It is not about hype, it is about authenticity.

If hype=arrogance, then, yes it is a turn off.

What you need to identify is selling confidence and selling power, not arrogance.

People buy from you if you are sympathetic to them.

If they feel you are lying to them or put them down.

Buy now buttons - separate area with call for action or included in the product area? - STRATEGY

Does this even matter?

What works best?

Right now, I have two formats working onb the site:
  • The first one looks more commercial "more internet amrekting"
  • The second one is included in the product area top of the page in a discret no hype way

If you want to waste your time and keep on searching, fine with me, right? :) - Unused ideas

If you want to waste your time and keep on searching, fine with me, right? :)
Come back when you are ready. I simply hope for you that the price won't have gone up yet to the $79 I am planning to sell this very soon.

Is this agressive and too challenging already? - STRATEGY

If I say something like:

"If you want to waste your time and keep on searching, fine with me, right? :)

Come back when you are ready. I simply hope for you that the price won't have gone up yet to the $79 I am planning to sell this very soon."

Is this too agressive and even disrespectful?

What happens in a prospect's mind when they hear that?

Do they run away or do they respond to the challenge?

Is it a turn off?

It feels like it:


Because you start arguing with a prospect.

The emotional response is one of discomfort.

A prospect won't make a purchase if they feel discomfort in what you say.

The key for them to buy is to feel comfortable on your page, with what you say and with your product.

That's just a theory.

The exact opposite could actually be true as well!!!

You simply need to find a style that works for you.

Selling nags? - Do they work? - TIP

saying something like:

"I know that only some men are ready to hear what I say in this material, so I am not sure this if for you..."

Does it work?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sales page - Page width - what works best? - Full width or 700pix? - STRATEGY

probably 95% of the sales pages out there are not full width!

Maybe a narrower page allows better focus and therefore conversion. Reading long lines of text is not easy and very distracting. It is like reading a very long sentence or a very long paragraph.

Have you ever tried to read a 100 lines paragraph?

Not easy, right?

well, same goes for sales pages.

If the goal is sequential reading and focus, then it is easier to narrow the field of attention to something like 700pix

Give your visitors real value! - Not some bogus and hype call for action


Respect your visitor! - TIP

bombarding them with marketing messages and hype is a way of invading their space.

First match their energy level, then rise it progressively to a level they can take.

That's the key! Be subtle, not loud!

Simplify your sales copy! - TIP

Some of the best sales letters have little on them actually.

They demonstrate fast and easy the quality of the product without overwhelming the vistor.

Too many belles and whistles are a tunr off that makes visitors run away!

Energy saturation on the sales page? - TIP

Is this something that does affect a page?
  • Page too long?
  • Too much on it?
  • Too many mediums? Like video, audio and more?
  • Too much hype and "Buy now" orders?

Does this play a role in your sales copy?

It feels like yes!!!

Yes! Your page can saturate and yes! visitors can leave because they are overwhelmed!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Losing your prospect with too high energy - TIP

The ability to match your prospect's energy level and then start rising it progressively through the sales pitch or sales page is a key skill.

Yes! You can lose your prosepct because you bombard them with an energy level or enthusiasm which is too high.

In one test, some mentioned that the backround music was too high, strong and the beat was disturbing the emotions they were in.

The energy is good but they simply can't or don't want to take it. It is too much

Price obection - Break up Ebook + System from $19 to $49 - STRATEGY

Reaction with higher prices:
  • I don't want that guy to make money on my pain
  • I don't want to pay that kind of money for this
  • I won't market or promote this material - I find marketeres and sales oriented pages a massive turn off. I don't want to play that game!

Overall, this price increase can drop sales by 50% and negatively impact on positive buzz around a product. Prospects will resist promoting the product for you because they are in the competing mode and simply don't want you to succeed.

This will probably represent a sales loss equivalent to what has been gained by the price increase.

No! In my experience, higher price did not mean more sales. It meant a drop in sales.

Top objections for your break up e-book - STRATEGY

  • I can't trust the author and the whole sales pitch
  • It's too complicate to use
  • It won't work for me
  • It will require too much effort on my side
  • I want to find solutions but I don't want to pay for it - I want it free! -
  • You offer so much free stuff in the forum, blog, promotional material and videos - I can't see the real value of buying your product - there is just too much for free
  • I am not convinced by your sales pitch.
  • I don't really want to solve my situation - I actually simply want to complain, feel sorry for myself or that my ex comes and rescues me.
  • I can't afford it.
  • I want to solve this but I don't want to take action, give my email or pay for anything - I sit back and you do all the work for me.

Another way of putting it:

  • Not convinced
  • Price issue
  • No energy to take action

Now, how can you overcome these key objections?

  • No energy to take action?

Give energy in the way your promote. Your sales pitch must build motivation, trust, belief and lead the prospect into taking action. Their energy level must rise while they are receiving your sales pitch or going through the page.

Strategy: give more energy!!!

  • Price issue?

This one is of course non-sense because rationally, the value of what they receive is much higher than the value of the product itself! But the product has no value if they feel they won't have time to workk on it or go through it.

What they do buy is a strategy, not the solution. The solution is a combination of right strategy and right action.

How many people have a price objection? Well, actually anyone who would like to get the material free!

  • For sale: conversion rate - 1%
  • For email subscription: conversion rate: 10-25% (that's even if the product is free!!!) - This means that 75% still won't have the time or energy to subscribe or will be turned off by the fact they have to give their email address and don't want to be sold to!
  • For direct access: conversion rate 75% if the product is just one click away. Now, how many of those will actually read the material and actively work on it at least a bit? Probably 20% (????) of those who access it. 80% won't have time, energy or belief that it will work for them. They don't have the momentum.

Conclusion: energy and time is a huge resistance or objection factor!

Precision and perfection - TIP

Yes! or sales page or speech much be perfect in so many ways.

Prospects do look for reasons to disqualify you. If you give them resosn to, they will drop it and build around a simple insignificant objection.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Promotion strategy - STRATEGY

Two directions;

The first one is the traditional advertising, ads, etc.

The second is talking about your products in a more active way. This is what you have been trying lately, right?

You have as well two sets of prices the first price around $19. The second around $49

What justifies a $49 higher price is if your structure needs to employ another person, pay fees to affiliates or spend a lot in advertising.

In these case, you still don't earn more, the structure is simply heavier.

In the first price case, the whole approach is more user's friendly. Visitors might refer your product more easily because they perceive a more user oriented value and maybe less money making product.

Now, both approaches are valid of course.

Right now the site works with a ceratin structure and pricing.

That's great! There is no reason to change that one.

All you need to do is get more targeted traffic so that those who do look for you really find you! Right now, only a small fraction of users know about you.

Your impact and online presence simply need to become stronger.

That's it!

Along that line of idea, if you increase the price, you won't really earn more because the extra goes to affiliates or ad campaigns.

You have to consider a possible drop in sales as well by experience maybe of 40% or even more.

The ones who will benefit from this rise of price are the ones who provide the ads or the affiliates.

Neither you or your customers actually benefit from that raise. 40% of those who would have bought your product might not get it now because of the higher price.

So, what is the conclusion to all that?

And more importantly, what happens if you don't raise the price? What if you simply keep on promoting the way you did and simply increase the buzz + quality of your product + online exposure?

All that creates more sales, more response without increasing an affiliate system or ads.

PS: none of these are final! Strategies can shift any time and setting up an effective affilaite system is still a possible way to go :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sales page autocritique

One of my sales pages does not give justice right now to my product.

It feels like it is only at a fraction of its potential but right now, what is missing is a way of measuring and tracking results.

I have no clear picture of how well that sales page converts and that's a problem.

Aspects that can be changed

  • USP

  • Design

  • Call for action - what action?

  • Packaging

  • Prici

Ethical selling versus unethical - TIP

the terms are not right but I will come up with another way of putting it soon.

You have two types of activities within the sales, marketing and business profession.

You can promote products which are full of value and which do solve challenges for people or respond a need they have.

When it is the case, a buy means a win for all those involved. That's ethical, right?

Now, when you try to sell products which are useless or even bad for your customers, a third party, the planet or humankind then it becomes unethical.

It is centered around personal gain only and does not consider the real benefits for the customer.

When you force a sale on a customer under these conditions, you perform a very unethical act and the conscience voice starts speaking in your mind and waking up resistance to keep on doing it.

Now, when you are on an ethical line and what you offer is really something that people need and could use, your selling job is to make it easy for them to buy.

Of course ethical selling is not a matter of yes or no. A product and your sales strategy's ethical quality will be measured on a scale 0-100%.

You can quantify the value of your product or service on that type of scale. 100% ethical means that you will face very little conscience resistance and your job is to play the game and sell so that everyone wins.

Again, the term ethical selling is not right. I'll have to find another way of describing the quality I talk about here.

We are in an era of social marketing. Just creating something and selling it is not good enough. It needs to fit ethically with the planet's and humankind's long term evolution lines.

Makes sense, right?

Playing the game - TIP

That's all there is to it, right?

Looking at the marketing and business field and enjoying to play the game.

You can't sell if you don't enjoy it.

It is that simple.

Now, your audience expects you to play a certain game.

If you have a product, you need to make it very easy for them to buy it and help them overcome the resistances they might have.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Personal - Casual - Real - promotion style in videos and audios - STRATEGY

I just finished recording and posting anew video on my youtibe channel

Get your life back after your break up - SUCCESS STORIES - VIDEO

and it made me realize that I do have a natural selling style I can relate to.

The keywords i mention in the title of this post are what comes to mind to describe how I feel

Personal - Casual - Real

Yes! I can sell or promote, talk about my products with enthusiasm and passion in a way which flows easily for me.

Yes! It feels real (and actually is :)) and Yes! I would be convinced myself by such a message.

If I was seeing something like that, I would get the product because it is convincing.

I know the video is about promoting and selling my break up system but I don't feel out of tune with that way of promoting it simply feels good and right :)


What does your audience want to experience? - TIP

It wants to experience a way into a solution.

The first step is to believe in the product.

This is where your audience faces lots of resistance at first.

They simply see what you have to offer and do not respond to it instantly because they don't trust that it is a solution to their problem or trust it only at a fraction (50%) which is not enough.

They simply don't see how it work and the process ot go from where they are to where they could be.

That's the first level of resistance and that's the first thing you have to explain to them!!!

Auto critique on my own selling skills - TIPS

Honestly, and i think this is really a pity, my selling skills are only at a fraction of what they could be.

The main challenge I face is that when i start coaching and interacting, everything is smoothe and works.

But selling without offering expertise but promoting has only a fraction of the impact it should have.

The response is only at a fraction of what it could be.

On top of that, i still did not identify a way of promoting or offering products I can clone easily or flow with.

Right now, that could be the number one skill or quality I need to master.

Why? because I need to click with my audience on a deeper level.

The connection needs to happen deeper in whatever field I am active in.

The offer must match the demand and my attitude needs to be spot on with my audience.

At this stage, the synchronization me - audience is only at a fraction of its potential and this could be the number one skill to work on!

My guess is that you do have dozens of products out ther or services that don't find or connect with their audience because that specific skill is missing!

Huge room for improvement overall!

Positive selling experience! - He demonstrateted his product and what he had to offer in such a casual way

It was with this caterer.

I was getting some take away from and indonesian shop.

he just mentioned that he was a bit overwhelmed and had been running the whole week end preparing a 400 person's event.


I did not know he was caterin for such vast crowds.

He seemed to love what he did.

he mentioned that totally casually in the conversation. I am not sure he was a aware of what he was doing: convincing me that he was the one I should hire.

I did not need a caterer but if I had it is with him I would have decided to work on the spot!

Within a few seconds I was already thinking of friends I mention his services to.

Somehow, on the spot, i wanted him straight away to succeed.

This was probably the most stunning selling experience I had in a long time.

The key words here were:
  • Friendly
  • Totally casual
  • Dedicated and excited by what he does
  • Energy! Context! Good connection! Smiles! Etc.

It worked for me!

Sell by simply demonstrating your expertise in a given topic - TIP

This might be the key: to simply talk about their situation or demonstarte your expertise by talking abouyt what you know. That's it!

Say you want them to buy or not? - Say that you are selling or not? - TIP

It seems that as soon as they know you are selling, it triggers resistance and a whole lot of emotions they don't like.

They feel pushed, cornered, etc.

Now, if you do justify that you are selling because you know you are making them a favor by doing so, then it might be okay, but still eventually overwhelming.

Selling skills - TIP

These are essential with any form of business activity!

Sometimes you sell by not selling or promoting and simply talking about you have.

Other times, you actively promote or market.

You need to find a style and approach that works for you and your audience.

Certain styles won't work with certain products or audiences.

Enter the flow and be good at it.