Tuesday, December 18, 2007

150+ domain names - Yes? No?

In the last year I have been owning 150+ domain names.

Out of those 150, around 15 have been used in one way or another.

Most of these sites have been created in one or two days, posted and unchanged.

Now, was it worth it?
  • The traffic to these sites is insignificant unless there is an active cross linking strategy + promotion of the site
  • The time spent on these sites could be spent on vitalcoaching.com, creating new pages, updating design, etc.

on average, these sites generate 50 visits/month x 15 = 750 visits/month and this could mean 1-3 sales/month.

What does it mean? that the sites just paid of for themselves but do not pay off for the 1 month work + attention they take.

yes, the success is equivalent to some of the steps taken on vitalcoaching.com.

No, there is no significant growth visible which is a pitty.

The next question is credibility or traffic building to other pages on vitalcoaching.com.

Do active links directed to vitalcoaching.com increase the rank of these pages in search engines?

This is the big factor that can't be measured!

Right now, only 10% of the pages on these sites do refer to pages on vitalcoaching.com

Yes! I do believe it has an impact and it reinforces the presence of vitalcoaching.com online but it is tricky to measure the impact they do have.

Right now, this would be the only reason to maintain these sites active!

Actively developing a site takes massive time and energy.

Especially the traffic building part.

Now, all this energy invested into new sites could be directed to vitalcoaching.com exclusively.

Or, these cross linking strategies are worth it and do generate higher ranking and exposure for vitalcoaching.com.

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