Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Auto critique on my own selling skills - TIPS

Honestly, and i think this is really a pity, my selling skills are only at a fraction of what they could be.

The main challenge I face is that when i start coaching and interacting, everything is smoothe and works.

But selling without offering expertise but promoting has only a fraction of the impact it should have.

The response is only at a fraction of what it could be.

On top of that, i still did not identify a way of promoting or offering products I can clone easily or flow with.

Right now, that could be the number one skill or quality I need to master.

Why? because I need to click with my audience on a deeper level.

The connection needs to happen deeper in whatever field I am active in.

The offer must match the demand and my attitude needs to be spot on with my audience.

At this stage, the synchronization me - audience is only at a fraction of its potential and this could be the number one skill to work on!

My guess is that you do have dozens of products out ther or services that don't find or connect with their audience because that specific skill is missing!

Huge room for improvement overall!

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