Friday, December 21, 2007

Auto critique - test sales page - Simplified sales page - Opening routines for men - STRATEGY

Following the first inroduction, this is great!

So far it is clear and works,

The question is what to do next?

Would you buy this product?

Now yet!

Why not?

Something is still missing!

What is missing?

  • Indicator of higher value
  • Energy raise

What do they want to hear next?

That it's an e-book?


That's it is the best product out there?


Success stories?


Do you need to give them a call for action with an email form?


Do you need then to give you the possibility to ask you a question?


Do you give them free access to this material?


Why not?

Because even if it was for free, only a fraction of visitors would take the time to check it out!

Do, you need to replace the sales letter by directly the access to the videos for free?

That's an option if I want to offer a free product. This would work.

But let's refocus on a product you want to sell.

What is the next step?

What do men need to hear next?

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