Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Drop in traffic - Linked to new adwords campaigns?

This is stunning because I did observe it a few times already!!!

A new campaign in adwords or modification seems synchronized with a significant drop in traffic coming from the organic searches.

This drop is around 20 - 25% and is very significant!

Now, this could be a coincidence or simply linked with another observed cause for drop:

The fact that a site map has been posted around 2 months earlier.

When a new site map has not been posted for 2 months, I did observe a few times a drop in traffic as well.

So those two elements could be linked:
  • Drop in traffic related with new adwords campaign or update! - YES - NO ???
  • Drop in traffic related with outdated site map: - YES - NO ???

I did observe this last one a few times already. drop and traffic seems to be linked with old site map.

Both need to be confirmed in the future

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