Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ethical selling versus unethical - TIP

the terms are not right but I will come up with another way of putting it soon.

You have two types of activities within the sales, marketing and business profession.

You can promote products which are full of value and which do solve challenges for people or respond a need they have.

When it is the case, a buy means a win for all those involved. That's ethical, right?

Now, when you try to sell products which are useless or even bad for your customers, a third party, the planet or humankind then it becomes unethical.

It is centered around personal gain only and does not consider the real benefits for the customer.

When you force a sale on a customer under these conditions, you perform a very unethical act and the conscience voice starts speaking in your mind and waking up resistance to keep on doing it.

Now, when you are on an ethical line and what you offer is really something that people need and could use, your selling job is to make it easy for them to buy.

Of course ethical selling is not a matter of yes or no. A product and your sales strategy's ethical quality will be measured on a scale 0-100%.

You can quantify the value of your product or service on that type of scale. 100% ethical means that you will face very little conscience resistance and your job is to play the game and sell so that everyone wins.

Again, the term ethical selling is not right. I'll have to find another way of describing the quality I talk about here.

We are in an era of social marketing. Just creating something and selling it is not good enough. It needs to fit ethically with the planet's and humankind's long term evolution lines.

Makes sense, right?

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