Friday, December 21, 2007

New sales page for dating for men - created! - First impressions - STRATEGY

First impressions?

This feels good and so far, the impression is right.

Would I get this material myself? No because I don't need it right now, but if I was looking for resources on this topic, this material seems solid!

The promotional hype is not there.

I sound trustable

the tone is very personal and the whole sales page is original

The design is simplified to an extreme! Simple! There is no design!

The heading is catching

Logos, icons and calls for action have been removed!

Distractive links have been removed - There is only one way to go on the page

All these are all positives to bring in a solid offer.
  • Excellent results would be one sale/day (considring the traffic, that's a high conversion rate)
  • Okay results would be 2-5 sales in the month
  • no result would be no sale in 30 days - Considering the traffic, this would make this strategy worthless.

Will people refer this page to their friends? No! absolutely not!

Why? Because the whole tone on the page is very personal and very "insider" like information.

Do I find the tone on the page seductive? Yes! I do!

And yes, it is simplified to an extreme!

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