Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New sales page style with videos - more complex - wide + added extras! - STRATEGY

With all the improvemenst to these sales pages, the number of sales should hgave gone up!

While this is no final indication as the time period is too short, it is stunning that a few of the sales came actually from the old format, not the new one!

It could be that the new page is too "heavy with content and promotional messages.

Here are possible turn offs:

  • More promotional tone - Too high energy - makes it less personal
  • Too many mediums: videos + test drive + text + audios
  • Wide format
  • Too many extras / Product too complicate
  • My face in the first page with very promotional/ sales like attitude - kills the trust and triggers competitive response

All these are just guesses!!!

Does this confirm that marketing and promotional style is a massive turn off when it comes to a break up e-book for instance?

Could be!!!

a promotional style and typical marketing/sales pages work great when selling marketing products or working mainly with a marketing audience.

Now, with coaching, the tone needs to shift to something more personal and intimate.

Hype disrupts the message and create a negative energy response in those who access the page.

For now, all these are jsut guesses!

But it is something that has been obesrved before.

Here are triggers which call fro a negative response in the prospect:

  • Marketing design
  • Hype
  • Dead line for purchase
  • Loads of extras and bonuses promoted heavily top page
  • Very promotional attitude
  • Promisses with no proof
  • Free reports or forced optins
  • Etc

All these trigger the "I am dealing with a marketer" response which triggers a negative emotional response.

This is why, most of what should have been an improvement on my sales pages called for a drop in sales and lack of response.

On the other hand here are the elements that did trigger sales and trust:

  • Simple and direct demonstration of my expertise
  • Precise and coherent description of what the solution looks like
  • Solid testimonial (the audio one worked great I think)
  • Simple product with a few extras
  • Very simple buying process - one click selection (No shopping cart structure - my guess is that it would work less well - It normalizes and kills the thrill - To be confirmed though)

On top of the list are:

  • Simple demonstration of expertise and solution
  • Simple product

These seem to be the two key elements that trigger positive response and sales.

Obviously, that's what would trigger a positive response for me as well.

The rest is seen as marketing hype and sales manipulation I think. My guess is that at least 50% of possible prospects are heavily turned off by marketing elements on the page.

Or maybe, it the way these marketing elements are presented - Maybe in a way which is not convincing enough.

All these are mainly guesses but again partially and confirmed by observation and intuitive elements

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