Friday, December 21, 2007

Now, I have 10 spots free for this material! - How does that sound? - STRATEGY

Now, I have 10 spots free for this material!

Once these 10 spots are gone which will probably be today or tomorrow, I will take away this page and go back to working on this material until it is 100% ready.

Why only ten spots? Because I am still in the beta stages with it. The text is complete but I am still working on the layout, checking for spelling mistakes for the ebook and the final video format.

The audios as well are still in the streaming format without a stand alone player in the page.
90% of the material is ready and accessible. It is simply not yet in its final form.

Once, this material is 100% complete design and format wise, the price will probably be $79 for the package. Because it is still in the beta stages, you get it for $19.


Does this type of opening work?

It still says that you are trying to market something, sure! But there is a feeling of urgency in it and the feeling that they might miss an opportunity if they don't take action straight away.

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