Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Personal - Casual - Real - promotion style in videos and audios - STRATEGY

I just finished recording and posting anew video on my youtibe channel

Get your life back after your break up - SUCCESS STORIES - VIDEO

and it made me realize that I do have a natural selling style I can relate to.

The keywords i mention in the title of this post are what comes to mind to describe how I feel

Personal - Casual - Real

Yes! I can sell or promote, talk about my products with enthusiasm and passion in a way which flows easily for me.

Yes! It feels real (and actually is :)) and Yes! I would be convinced myself by such a message.

If I was seeing something like that, I would get the product because it is convincing.

I know the video is about promoting and selling my break up system but I don't feel out of tune with that way of promoting it simply feels good and right :)


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