Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Positive selling experience! - He demonstrateted his product and what he had to offer in such a casual way

It was with this caterer.

I was getting some take away from and indonesian shop.

he just mentioned that he was a bit overwhelmed and had been running the whole week end preparing a 400 person's event.


I did not know he was caterin for such vast crowds.

He seemed to love what he did.

he mentioned that totally casually in the conversation. I am not sure he was a aware of what he was doing: convincing me that he was the one I should hire.

I did not need a caterer but if I had it is with him I would have decided to work on the spot!

Within a few seconds I was already thinking of friends I mention his services to.

Somehow, on the spot, i wanted him straight away to succeed.

This was probably the most stunning selling experience I had in a long time.

The key words here were:
  • Friendly
  • Totally casual
  • Dedicated and excited by what he does
  • Energy! Context! Good connection! Smiles! Etc.

It worked for me!

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