Friday, December 21, 2007

Why your audience won't take a solution which is too easy - STRATEGY

This is a strange phenomena and quite counter intuitive:

Making it too easy for your audience can actually kill your chances of success.

Why? Because it is thrilling for a man to fight!

when you give them the solution, the quest and the fight is over!

Strangely enough, this brings in a sense of pease and fulfillment which in fact can be a turn off!

Funny how it works!

It this real?

Well, in that specific sales page, the dynamic now is to ...


Not sure that's how it works.

Right now, the prospect did read so far and what is still missing now is energy.

They have been searching and still don't see the value. In fact it does not give them value yet! The next step is to either increase the energy level or give them value.

make it about them?


Leaving their comfort zone?

This could be the real issue!

Taking the next step means leaving their comfort zone and having to integrate something new!

At this stage, they still don't know if they have the time, energy and desire to integrate what I have to offer!

Why not?

Because, what I offer has to do with change!

It has to do with moving their minds!

It truly has to do with taking action and at least a bit of what can be seen as effort.

This is what now appears to be the turn off.

At this stage, they are already ready to leave the page.

This is what I truly feel!

What I said so far is interesting but is it enough to keep them interested?

Not yet!!!!

Something need to happen next! That's the key!

Adding something that forces them to qualify?

Raise the bar?

That seems to be a real opening!!!

Yes! This sound right!


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