Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How this implicit decision making works - STRATEGY

  • Give people cool stuff
  • Based on the coll stuff you give them, they decide that they want to do business with you.
  • They then ask you to sell stuff to them
  • You agree

impicit versus explicit decision making - STRATEGY

  • Implicit means that I am deciding I want something
  • explicit means that someone else is convincing me that I want something

When we decide something for ourselves we will defend that position! we own it!


now, the old way:

If someone convinces us of something, we'll always have the subconscious desire to prove them wrong!

(Why? Because when you are being convinced by someone else and you were sceptic before, you already made that subsconscious decision that you were going to prove them wrong)


This means that when you are doing the convincing, you are fighting! It is hard!


IDT - Implicit decision triggers

  • let people decide for themselves that they want your stuff rather than trying to convince them of anything

Be the good guy by giving cool stuff away for free rather than selling! - STRATEGY

This positions you as the good guy!

Causes for subscriber drop - PODCASTS

For about 10 days now, I strated experimenting with republishing past audios into a new cycle. I did that for 9 out of 11 podcasts.

This i simply to make sure that new subscribers get the the past posdcasts they would not have listen to otherwise.

i did republish daily episodes for each channel.

This means that all subscribers were getting one episode/day.

Today after around 10 days, it is clear that:
  • There is about a 20% drop in subscribers
  • The number of MP3 downloads goes from 1000/day to around 1500/day

Why does the number of subscribers go down?

Two possibilities:

  • 1 episode/day is too much?
  • They already received and listened to these episodes and don't want to receive them again
  • They are no longer interested in the toipic or channel but notice that only when they start receiving new episodes again.
  • There might be another "technical issue" creating an error or something along that line when an episode is downloaded again
  • The value of the channel simply drops because episodes are being published again - People want fresh content!

Some or all of these previous points are guesses!

Solutions conclusions for the future:

  • Is one episode/day too much? - For instance with Youtube and channels I do enjoy, seeing that one episode has been published once a day is okay

One the other hand, these episodes are not being downloaded to my computer and taking bandwidth! The Itunes system which represents 95% of my subscribers is much more invasive than Youtube!

  • Yes! The value of a channel drops when episodes are sent again - This is true especially for those who already got a series of episodes and are getting them again.

In other terms, what is the real deal breaker here? Why does the subscriber number go down?

  • Is it the posting frequency? (1/day)
  • Is is the duplication of episodes with no new ones?

I now shifted to posting episodes every 3 days.

I will monitor how this influences the number of subscribers over the new 10-30 days.

That's it!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

SEO + New targeted sites - Results - STRATEGY

Another point:

Some of the strategies I tried, especially SEO + New targeted sites did not generate the type of results that could have been expected.

Yes! these results could eventually be improved, I am convinced about that but with the time and energy put into them, the results were only a very small fraction of what they could have been.

Yes! Results could be improved but at this stage, no clear pathway on how to do just that!

To be followed....

Why your success rate did not double last year - STRATEGY

  • The action strategies did not increase enough the success rate in any of these areas

Yes! New products + many improvements to existing ones have been performed! But the impact so far has only compensated for natural sales decrease over time.

If no action had been taken, the success rate might be at 70% of its present stae now.

This means that the steps taken did increase the success of my products but simply not enough.

Yes! On paper it means that the steps taken did multiply my sales by 30%

If the growth rate needs to increase, then some significant new steps need to be taken!!!

A new strategy needs to be put in place.

Right now, the key element is that only a farction of people online know about me and my products.

To increase my success rate, many more should hear about it!

In other terms, increase exposure!

Now, what significant steps were taken:

  • SEO
  • Forum posts
  • Quality of the site
  • Tests with sales pages
  • Web design
  • Additions to product (New vids + audios + E-books)
  • Etc.

A lot of this activity (around 70%) was directed to free products or free parts of the site.

In other terms, lots of significant improvements but not enough to double sales.

How to double your success - STRATEGY

There are only a few avenues to take if you want this to happen:
  • Double your traffic to the products that sell!
  • Double the price of your product
  • Double the conversion rate of your sales page
  • Double the amount of products you sell

Yes! It is that simple!

These are the only ways to double your success!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Possible radical shifts! - STRATEGY

Here are some possible radical shifts and things I am not doing yet but could be key openings to greater success:
  • Function from another location
  • Take a break and develop new skills
  • Refocus on my own power and energy base
  • Publish one or more books
  • Create a DVD set for my best selling programs
  • Limit the access to the site, forum, articles, videos or programs to members only - Membership based site! - Everyone gets on the mailing list!
  • Get into the medias, radio shows, etc.

This last one is interesting because when people access my site or one of my pages, my poistion as a top expert in that specific field is not demonstrated by the page itself!

Now the challenge in my sales page for instance is that if I focus on the medias, then I might miss the point or connection with my audience.

Do you need to ad and "In the medias" to my sales page so that credibility and recognition is increased?

Yes! That's a possibility!

People will buy from me or hire me only if they recognize me as a top expert in that field, right?

It is that simple.

Now, what does give me that credibility in a sales page without distracting the visitor or prospect?

What you are already doing which does not shift the core dynamics or your activity - STRATEGY

Here are the things I am already doing which do improve progressively the quality of my work or impact, but don't create a radical shift in my level of success:
  • Answering posts in my forum
  • Responding to posts on youtube
  • Redesigning certain parts of the sites
  • Creating new SEO pages
  • Simplifying navigation
  • Creating a few new videos
  • Submitting articles to directories
  • Posting my videos or more video sites
  • Creating new audios for programs or Itunes
  • Etc.

All these steps impact positively and stimulate a progressive growth of the site.

Non limiting factors - STRATEGY

A few of them are fine:
  • technology - 80% good
  • videos quality - 70% good
  • content - 50% - 100% depending on the topic and medium

So, all these are not issues right now

Identify the key limiting factors and overcome them - STRATEGY

This is actually the key to successfuly overcome challenges with your business or site!

What are potential limitinga factors:

  • Traffic

This is vast field that of course can be always expanded


  • Design

In the design area here are possible limiting factors:

  • Font size in the "coaching" area. Is this an issue? Do you loose credibility because the fint is too big?
  • Blogs presentation - Too raw? - Well, when the design was nice, not many returning visitors either. The key is right medium + right content! If people want videos, don't give them an e-book!


  • Credibility

In that area, adding "credibility logos and signals like:

  • ICF member
  • approved by...
  • Hacker free ...
  • Etc.

Is this a limiting factor or not????


  • Demonstrate your expertise!

Along the same line as credibility, demonstrating your expertise is one of the elements which could be missing on your site! or product page!

This could definitely be one area to develop further which can trigger a much higher level of credibility from your audience!


  • Convincing media appearances!!!!
  • In the medias, etc.


  • Quality of the solution

Yes! This one can be a limiting factor. If for instance someone has jealousy issues but your solution requires too much effort or will power, there is potentila for finding a short cut of course

If it is the case, it means that the quality of your message + content need to be taken to the next octave.

It's more than that actually. It is how much and how positively your material impacts on a person's life


  • Not enough videos published

You are doing the right thing but simply not enough!

If you had 300 instead of 80 videos, of course, you would get more traffic, more views and more exposure!

You are doing the right thing bust simply not enough.

Is this a limiting factor?


Monday, January 7, 2008

You need to go where the fish are biting! - STRATEGY

Now is the time to get first mover advantage - STRATEGY

Bookmarking best practices - STRATEGY

  • submit best stuff
  • add value
  • submit other people's stuff

Submit only your best stuff! - STRATEGY

So that it does beneifit the community!

You only get a few chances with these social media portals! - STRATEGY

If you blow it, unless you change ISP, you're sunk!

Don't rush! If you don't know what you are doing, you will mess it up! - STRATEGY

Socialites spend 25% of their disposable income online! versus 17% for non socialites - STRATEGY

Soacial optimization - Why isn't everyone doing this? - STRATEGY

  • Most people have no idea how to do it at all! - Let alone do it right!
  • Most marketers and big companies think that people visiting these sites are not buyers! - WRONG!

Not true! users of social networking sites are more likely to spend money online than non social users!

Spend 25% of their disposable income online! versus 17% for non socialites

Social media optimisation! - New key idea to apply! - STRATEGY

social media optimisation versus adwords - STRATEGY

for a specific companie's experiment:

  • Social media optimization: 93'000 visitors - total costs $3600 - $0.04/visit
  • Adwords: 2057 visitors - total cost $1250 - $0.61/visit


Social marketing ------> 1427% increase in ROI!

Pre sold traffic - STRATEGY

This is what happens when you can already communicate your message on a social networking site!!!

You already met them socially and they already trust you because of that!

People like to buy from people theyr already know

social media strategies give you - STRATEGY

  • search engine placements!
  • traffic from social sites!

3 strategies you can use right now in your social marketing - STRATEGY

  • use - to create instant backlings and highe serach engine rankings!
  • create a site on
  • - get your keyphrases in there! social bookmarking sites,
  • use to submit your site/page to all bookmarking sites at once!
  • Use video

first mover advantage! - STRATEGY

This is what this whole social media strategy is about

Window of opportunity closing fast in the social media sites

yes! It is! This is why it is essential to find the right marketing approach fast!

These sites receive much more traffic that google now!

Social sites - Marketing strategies - STRATEGY

you need to fidn the right strategy fast!