Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Possible radical shifts! - STRATEGY

Here are some possible radical shifts and things I am not doing yet but could be key openings to greater success:
  • Function from another location
  • Take a break and develop new skills
  • Refocus on my own power and energy base
  • Publish one or more books
  • Create a DVD set for my best selling programs
  • Limit the access to the site, forum, articles, videos or programs to members only - Membership based site! - Everyone gets on the mailing list!
  • Get into the medias, radio shows, etc.

This last one is interesting because when people access my site or one of my pages, my poistion as a top expert in that specific field is not demonstrated by the page itself!

Now the challenge in my sales page for instance is that if I focus on the medias, then I might miss the point or connection with my audience.

Do you need to ad and "In the medias" to my sales page so that credibility and recognition is increased?

Yes! That's a possibility!

People will buy from me or hire me only if they recognize me as a top expert in that field, right?

It is that simple.

Now, what does give me that credibility in a sales page without distracting the visitor or prospect?

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