Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why your success rate did not double last year - STRATEGY

  • The action strategies did not increase enough the success rate in any of these areas

Yes! New products + many improvements to existing ones have been performed! But the impact so far has only compensated for natural sales decrease over time.

If no action had been taken, the success rate might be at 70% of its present stae now.

This means that the steps taken did increase the success of my products but simply not enough.

Yes! On paper it means that the steps taken did multiply my sales by 30%

If the growth rate needs to increase, then some significant new steps need to be taken!!!

A new strategy needs to be put in place.

Right now, the key element is that only a farction of people online know about me and my products.

To increase my success rate, many more should hear about it!

In other terms, increase exposure!

Now, what significant steps were taken:

  • SEO
  • Forum posts
  • Quality of the site
  • Tests with sales pages
  • Web design
  • Additions to product (New vids + audios + E-books)
  • Etc.

A lot of this activity (around 70%) was directed to free products or free parts of the site.

In other terms, lots of significant improvements but not enough to double sales.

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