Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Content - Originality + Repetition + Energy + Value + Rhythm + Need + Emotion

Here are again some of the content factors

  • Originality
  • Energy
  • Repetition
  • Value
  • Rhythm
  • Need
  • Emotion
A video will score on a 0%-100% scale for these different factors.

The buzz factor has definitely to do with originality!!! That's the key factor that will create a viral reaction together with emotion

Views factors - Summary

Here is a summary of the factors I found so far:
  • Title + Keywords + Icons
  • Content
  • Viral + Buzz
  • Editing

The editing ads rhythm and originality to a video of course. It makes it slightly more refreshing but it does not shift the views factor radically, only maybe by an extra 50%.

At this stage, these 4 elements are the key factors that will influence the success of a video.

In the content goes as well:

  • Originality for a single video
  • Repetition factors for a video series
  • Value + Emotional value + Need

In simple:

  • Originality
  • Energy
  • Repetition
  • Value
  • Rhythm
  • Need
  • Emotion

All these elements concern the content

Views factors - Buzz + viral effect

Another element that influences of course the number of views!

This one is what makes the difference between a vid that will get 5000000 views and one that gets only 50!

That's the most "untamed" element.

Another factor influencing views? Originality? or repetition

This factor can of course play a role when viewing a playlist.

People want to feel and experience something they never experienced before.

An ongoing repetition of the same emotion gets quicklty boring for viewers.

They want emotions and visual experiences they did not experience before or...

They want to experience again something they liked in the past and are trying to feel again.

So both originality and repetition can work depending on the situation, content and audience.

People like walking into a situation knowing what to expect.

The lack of surprises gives them the possibility to relax without needing to readapt to a new situation.

In many contexts, repetition gives comfort and security


This originality/repetition elemenst is one to check further!!!

It needs to be used wisely!

For instance a site needs to have a similar design and navigation from page to page!

That's in theory and by experience, right?

What if the opposite is true as well: Too much repetition bores the visitor!


Now, the element that definitely makes the most impact is the quality of the content.
  • Content
  • Originality

Previous question answered - Branding + editing + music or not?

When checking other videos and alkl topics posted on, it is very clear that the key elements are video title + icon picture.

There is a high diversity of views for the same type of topic + same type of icon with different video titles and keywords.

in conclusion, here is an estimation of what really matters when getting view counts:


Views triggers
  • Title + Icon + Content + keywords = 90%
  • Editing elements = 10%


Video format? - With music? - without music? - Highly edited? - Not edited? - What works best?

Okay, on this one, I need and answer.

There is one specific highly edited video on breakup:


How to get over your ex - Get your power back - FOR MEN ONLY


This video got
  • 106 days
  • 4347 views on youtube
  • 41 views/day
  • Favorited 17 times
  • Favorited rate: 0.39% (1 favorite conversion for 255 views)
  • 4 stars
  • Obvious link and branding
  • Highly edited
  • power beat music

How to get over her - Fast! - BREAK UP - FOR MEN


  • 75 days
  • 1770 views on youtube
  • 24 views/day
  • Favorited 9 times
  • Favorited rate 0.5% (1 favorite conversion for 196 views)
  • 4 stars
  • Little edited
  • Obvious link
  • No music


Similar videos posted like:


Received on average:
  • Lowest: 5 views/day
  • Highest: 20 views/day
  • 3 vids posted together
  • No editing
  • obvious branding



  • Favorited rate between the two first vids is quite similar
  • Comments rate quite similar
  • Views are almost double for first vid.

Now the question is:

Why does this first posted video score quite higher than the other ones?

  • Coincidence?
  • Music on vid and highly edited
  • Better keywords returning the first vid more frequently in the search
  • Favorited more often, therefor scoring higher in search
  • Appears higher and more frequently in search engines - Lots of click coming from search engines
  • People are refering it to others because of beat, energy and message

In other terms:

  • Optimization (keywords, title, etc)
  • Content (picture icon, music, message, etc)
  • Referrals (buzz + viral element)


The question now is very simple.

I have two options:

Option 1

  • 3 videos
  • keyword optimized
  • branded
  • no editing
  • no music
  • no title

Option 2

  • 1 video
  • keyword optimized
  • branded
  • edited
  • music


If I want to reach my audience and have max impact + exposure, which of these two options works best???

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Videos compared with webpages - STRATEGY

Right now, i am almost tempted to put 100% of my focus on videos as with a fraction of theffort compared with posting pages and articles, videos now get close to 10 times more views.

I am not talking about exposures on my site but exposures overall.

The key is that dozens of people access my stuff on my channels on other sites.

This is a massive realiztion which gives me a strategic hint on the direction to follow.

The question now is:

What to do with forum and is there a way to translate this video success into my site.

Is there something I need to start implementing or developing on the site so that this wave of success reflects on my site as well?

What is the strategic step to be taken here?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

How to be more articulate in the coming videos? - STRATEGY

It is actually quite simple:

It is a matter of finding the flow and letting your voice stream within that video format exactly the way you learned to do this with audios.

Your audio style did evolve as well. You started from a certain style and went on eveolving until the end results really flowed.

Now, you are going through the same process with videos and all you have to do to fully perfect your commuinication style is to keep on doing it until it flows naturally.

Yes! It is easy to do. It is simply a matter of fully activating your communication muscle within a video format.

This whole retuning aspect has to do with you tuning into anew audience and communicating as well within that new format.

yes! It easy

Be more articulate when recording videos - STRATEGY

This one has to do with skills.

In the audio recordings the speech flow is higher and clearer.

My communication style is more refined and now with the videos, because it involves a new type of focus, you still need to unleash your full potential.

that's one of teh top priorities to get your vids to reach your atrget better.

Speech + communication style!

You want to take this one octave higher

Monday, February 4, 2008

communicate with vids! - STRATEGY


This one is probably the most important message you will hear in a long time!

Communicate with videos!

this is not about selling! It is about establishing a connection with your audience in a video format!

Yes! you did it with forum posts!

you did it with audios!

Now is the time to break through with videos!

This is a skill! It is an asset that is priceless and yes! It is part of your training!

you have been looking for guidance?

well, here is your real advice!

do it with videos!

Right now, that's the only thing that matters!

you get a 15 min window every day and in these 15 min, you must deliver messages that make a difference.

You will know clearly when you are done with this!

do it now!