Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another factor influencing views? Originality? or repetition

This factor can of course play a role when viewing a playlist.

People want to feel and experience something they never experienced before.

An ongoing repetition of the same emotion gets quicklty boring for viewers.

They want emotions and visual experiences they did not experience before or...

They want to experience again something they liked in the past and are trying to feel again.

So both originality and repetition can work depending on the situation, content and audience.

People like walking into a situation knowing what to expect.

The lack of surprises gives them the possibility to relax without needing to readapt to a new situation.

In many contexts, repetition gives comfort and security


This originality/repetition elemenst is one to check further!!!

It needs to be used wisely!

For instance a site needs to have a similar design and navigation from page to page!

That's in theory and by experience, right?

What if the opposite is true as well: Too much repetition bores the visitor!


Now, the element that definitely makes the most impact is the quality of the content.
  • Content
  • Originality

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