Monday, March 31, 2008

Yes! - since no free advice messages, the number of paying clients radically increased

For the month of March, that's the big learning experience!

a radical increase of paying clients since I no longer send free advice by email or personal messages.

This is an impressive response shifts and kind of resets the direction back to where it was.

Well done! 100% winning strategy.

It works!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

45000 downloads or potential sales? - Sell the audio series or not?

Right now, 70% of the audios are in free access via podcasts.

This respesents around 45000 mp3 downloads/month which is very successful.

Now, shifting to a membership based system on the site means no longer offering these audios for free.

Is this the right thing to do?

How to navigate this?
  • Probably around 50% at least of these downloads are via Itunes
  • The rest are on the site.
  • Probably only a small fraction maybe 5% access the audios via one of the blog channels
Keep it open or sell these?

  • Keep the way it is?
  • Keep only 3 episode active on the podcast
  • Keep only one episode active?
  • No episode active at all?
  • record new more promotional series directing to the site?
  • All accesses on the site direct to a sales page - selling vital membership or selling a serie?

Potential gain?

  • if this transition is successful overall, this sytem could convert into an extra Euro 1000/month
  • If the transition does not succeed, it would result in the loss of this audience with little or even less income - in the worst case, loss in sales related with blocking the flow. A not so satisfying result would be only 200 euros increase in sales / month

Saturday, March 22, 2008

No free advice ----> New clients?

About 10 days agao, I started testing this simple strategy.

when I get free advice request, I sent a standard message asking to sign up for coaching.

In that same period, I did get 2 new clients.

One of them wnet from going from free advice potential to signing up for coaching.

Conclusion: it works!

While it might not be the ones who wanted free advice who do sign up for coaching, overall the "energy cycle" is complete and I simply start as well attracting another type of requests or clients.

To be noted! I did not significantly change the set up on the site, except in the "advice" page that now redirects to "expert advice". I removed the "posting to forum" option on that page.

This really works energy wise and answer wise!

It is definitely a strategy to be followed even if it is sometimes chllenging to turn down free advice requests

Overall, this system works better long term of course

Unless I want to shift all the way back to a totally free structure, free site and free service oriented site and coaching

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Subscriber increase! - What caused it? - STRATEGY

In the week march 10 to 16, there was a high subscriber increase - it actually went on for a couple of extra days untiol March 17.

after that, almost total collapse in numbers of subscribers.

here are some conclusions and possible causes for these shifts:

  • March 8 - Saturday - Posted the "What is your top dating challenge video" - Edited -question - ask for feed back - community - subscriber numbers start increasing
  • March 10 - Monday - Posted 3 stress free strategies - content - Clearer rise in number of subscribers
  • March 11 - Tuesday - break up for men vids - Promotional - still high subscribers!
  • March 13 - Thursday - 6 x 1 minute videos on jealousy for men - promotional - still high subscribers
  • march 14 - friday - 6 x 5 minute audio/vids - Audios - Still high subscribers
  • March 16 - 3 cheating for men vids - promotional - begins decline? - Not yet! - still goes high for another day
  • March 19 - 6 questions from viewers answered - subscribers numbers have now dropped!


  • The subscribers numbers stayed high! - Was it one specific video series that triggered these numbers? - Why did people subscribe much more in that past week?
  • Was it just a random variation - natural?
  • Was it something I did or generated with a specific video set?
  • What is the exact element that triggers subscribers increase?
  • Is there a specific element that triggers subscribers decrease?
  • Were external activities on the site triggering this increase and/or decrease as well?

Other actions taken in the last couple of weeks:

  • Around March 13, started sending standard "sign up for coaching" messages to those requesting free advice

key question now:

  • What exactly triggered these changes in subscribers numbers?
  • Is there a delay of one to 2 days between a posting action and the subscriber number response?

The key question is

Which of these video series did trigger the best subscriber increase? Why?

Any of these? - All of these?

  • Question to viewers +++++
  • Stree free - wake up your power +++++
  • Break up for men +++++
  • Jealousy for men +++++
  • Tantric sex +++
  • Cheating for men ++
  • Answers ++

  • Yes! I am convinced that ceratin video formats, topics and intentsions work better than others
  • Yes! the final solution might be a combination of a few of these formats and theme - maybe all of them
  • Yes! maybe number of posts + frequency could be an essential element in the number of subscribers

Friday, March 14, 2008

Overcome all key major objections - STRATEGY

That's what you need to do in sales letters - The key is to list all key objections and answer them all!

is this really the best way?

yes! Answering key objections is essential.

What about benefits, features, etc?

Of course that's part of it as well!!!

Sincerity! - One of the key ingredients for sales letters? - STRATEGY

The deal is that when your intention is to sell no matter what, of course you are not being sincere and caring first about your customers needs.

Most marketers out there don't sound sincere or authentic at all.

No matter what they say, most people are radically tunred off by their marketing tactics because they don't feel aunthentic and they feel like theyr try to manipulate the audinece into doing whatever they want them to do.

people feel that!

they are not stupid!

So, authenticity is the authenticity of intention!

That's what matters the most!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Republishing the forum posts in another format? - STRATEGY

okay, this one could be essentila or not.

Right now, the forum shows high signs of weakness!!!

It is frequently down for technical reasons and the republishing of the database is a bummer.

It is unstable right now and the content could be lost or be challenging to maintain.

It feel there is a potential new avenue to take but it is not clear what this avenue is!

There are a few possible ideas:
  • Republish the forum posts in the form of articles - posted to blog
  • With links in the break up area
  • Post to dozens of self created blogs using my automated system
  • Answer these questions in a video format
  • Replace the free advice format by the expert advice and simply let the forum slowly vanish
  • Fight for the forum and to maintain it in its present format
  • Create a new simplified forum
  • Integrate the forum in a membership based structure
  • Don't touch anything - leave it as it is - survive

What is the best option???

Choosing the right action line! - STRATEGY

when engaging into action, it is essential to choose the line of action which gives you the greatest results!

Last year, I tested creating multiple sites on the break up topic.

This resulted in around 3 months focus in energy and time investment - Even though the sites were created relatively fast, the actual time, energy and focus it requires is longer than that.

Selecting the right domain names, buying them, renewing them, hosting the sites, etc.

All that takes time and focus.

The working time is not that much but the management of these sites is what takes time.

One year later, these sites get around max 1000 visitors/month for all of them.

The main reason why they don't climg higher in search engines or traffic is simply because there is not enough activity and content in them.

Yes! more work and focus coule be put in them, but with the amount of time and energy spent, the results are not too visible.

Is it worth creating these sites simply for link building strategies?

well... Again doing it just for link building is a very highly time consuming activity and the results are not obvious.

Why? because this type of activity is easy to track by serach engine algorythms and they do penalize or not give too much value to these links.

Every site contains 50 to 200 pages of highly optimized pages.

These pages and sites could result in 1 or 2 sales/month - That's a very vague estimation

Or 100 to 200 $ / year.

With that type of money, you just cover the running expenses for hosting and domain names.

That's it!

In theory it could work and yes, with ongoing consistent action, you can eventually break through.

yes! It can eventually work but the reason why the strategy was not followed through is because it is repetitive, technical and not that many results get out of it.

Yes! It is still and opne possibility and no doors are closed!

What was obvious is that investing that time and energy into gives much better and higher results!

Creating fresh video content as well gives much higher results in terms of response, credibility and exposure.

The reason why I focused on another line of action:
  • fresh video content
  • better design and structure on
  • etc.

Is because the results are higher! Actually much higher

Now, there are more possibilities along the line of multiple blog creation, etc.

Again, this is a strategy that could work but what do you think works best for the same amount of work, time and energy and what is more rewarding:

  • Creating new fresh video content and gaining exposure and feed back or
  • Creating lots of new blogs and posting to them?


Who reads blogs today?

Who watches vids?

What's the proportion?

probably 1 to 10 or 1 to 100

this means that for 10 to 100 person watching videos, 1 person is reading a blog post!

Yes! That's the type of proportion.

What about serach engine results:

If you make a search on a given topic, how many blog results come in the top 10, how many video response come in the top 10.

That's the type of estimation you can make, right?

the truth is that if you want to reach people, you have to go where these people are!

Have you ever got a positive comment or feed back for one of your blog posts?

How many persons on average do see a blog post of yours?

Get the picture?

  • 1 day creating and posting new vids?
  • 1 day creating or posting in new blogs?

video wins!!! By far!!!

Selling power - Why the sales go up and down? - STRATEGY

In february 2008, I observed a sales flow which was very specific.

Sales wnet down as I published lots of free content in the video sites.

All that was simply giving freely and the drop in sales was clear.

Then I focused on videos for sale and posted a few new videos ads for the break up products and the sales went up slightly.

then i created long videos (45 min - 60 min) and the sales wnet even more up, even though these specific videos did not sell.

This dynamic is quite impressive because creating a video that is not freely shared in creased the sales for the break up product.

That's very symbolical and reflects the fact that sales highly depend on the type of activity I engage into.

If it's more power and commercializing of products in general, it will increase the sales.

It's a matter of both giving and selling another part.

This seems to concentrate the power of the enterprise.

You stay within a commercial system when this happens.

The other cycle of activity i engaged into before was about giving everything away for free with no pressure or selling intention.

This creates a good response in terms of visits to pages but it's more felt on an energy level.

What is funny is that the break up videos which are hghly promotional do get a very positive response, even though they are basically promotional.

The dating for women videos get a good response but they receive less ovation or validation than the break up for men system.

Both work though and the other videos work as well.

The spiritual, power kicks and everything I posted in video channels and on my site, all work.

The overall response is a good 80% positive, great feed back and good traffic!

So, this works.

With the break up for men there is another type of reponse though or another dimension added to it. It's conquering fire, conquering power, acknowledgment, all that.

It is very clear!

But all lines of actions are good.

All topics are successful! I say that again.

they kind of support each other somehow

Monday, March 10, 2008

Simply speak! - STRATEGY

That's another possibility:

Speech is in itself a tool for refinement and all you might have to do is simply start speaking with the right direction or idea in mind.

That would be it! Maybe!

The response you will call for that type of energy and you will start manifesting it instantly.

This is it, right?

This could be it!

Invoke the right energies - Another idea to ad beauty and refinement elements - STRATEGY

the two key invokation techniques would be calligraphic and music

Tantric elements - tantric fire - STRATEGY

Another possibility to ad beauty and refinement:

ad tantric elements - I know what those are of course ;)

Make the recording from another spot in nature! - Add beauty and refinement that way - STRATEGY

That's another possible line - It is to do the recording from nature.

More story telling? - is this the way to go? - STRATEGY

A follow up on the previous post...

yes! story telling is a possibility!

The idea is simply to expand on a topic by giving more real examples and developing a story along that line...

Yes! That's a possible avenue!

Refined energie - Fertility - STRATEGY

This is one of the key qualities that still need to be added to mys speech.

right now, this quality only manfest at 60%.

in past audios, thsi quality has been growing or expanding and impacting in a very positive way.

it creates a flow of speech which is magnetically touching and it works.

Now, with videos that a quality which has not yet been fully manifested.

It is a there but not enough.

It is that quaity which creates a sense of connection and comfort as well.

It is the essence of fertility in nature.

It is as well organic growth.

It is the quality of beauty and love as well.

When it is missing, speech focuses on its networking quality.

communication highways.

Now, refinement creates something else.

It creates a new dimension of enjoyment and beauty.

And yes! I did manifest that quality in the audios. It took a few seasons and practice to reach it and eventually was there! Nicely manifested!

The shift to video forced me to tame a new medium and adapt my style to it.

Now, it is growing and I am already quite satisfied with the results.

The next octave is definitely to manfiest this extra dimension of refinement and bring it to life!

I mean, that's only one of the possible directions, of course.

There are probably many more of course.

Okay, this quality has to do with speech flow!

I know I can talk for an hour on any of these topics.

The flow does not stop.

But within that flow, I need to manifest more of that beauty or refinement quality.

... And to do that I need to manifest the specific source that sponsors that energy!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Credibility? - Making it real? - STRATEGY

For instance if you teach about dating, seduction or pickup, you have to show how this works for you...

You have to show results!

You with girls, you seducing or approaching women or you with other men teaching them how to do it...

You can do that by posting videos of you in action or pictures that see you in action with women or with guys getting in touch with women within a social context.

The key word:

It has to be real!!!!!

not just some vague abstract theory!

Be the best in your field - STRATEGY

Be the best in your field

This is really what multiples the credibility factor!

Make it real!

Show it is real!

This is the next step in your exploration!!!

The credibility factor - STRATEGY

Of course, that's a major element!

That's one of the reasons why people will get in touch or buy from you.

It is because they place you at the top in expertise in the field they are interested in.

This is the major element.

How to give you credibility?

Show that what you talk about is real!

that you experience all that every day!

That it's not some vague distant theory you tune into.

It has to be real

+ you need to be the best in your field

or at least in the top 5!

Friday, March 7, 2008

How to present the new videos on the site - STRATEGY

That's a key question!

Channels already exist!

The videos do match within that context but some channels are free while the new vids are fee!

The question is: How to position this new content in relation with the one that already exist without creating conflict, contradiction or stress in the visitors mind.

It is very clear that simply posting an ad for the new vids will not result in spectacular traffic! But it is essential for visitors to find what they are looking for easily, if they are looking for that video.

It's important that the various aspects of the site don't conflict with each other and that it is easy to ad new videos like this ones without having to restructure the whole site around them.

The question is: How to achieve just that????

You have two strategies:

  • the first one is to advertise a product and direct people!
  • the second one is to make it super easy for people to find it when they look for it (no calling and no pressure, just simple navigation)

It is this second option you need to focus on!

Yes! the strategy of having very clear pages is an excellent option!

How to present the various channels on the site - STRATEGY

In the beginning, everything was mixed!

i would have ads, free articles, more ads, navigation, list of extra products, etc! all that one page to scroll down.

Now, channels have eveolved into something more relaxing.

The channel is either free or for fee as a whole.

This clarifies the experience on the site and makes it much easier to find your way around.

I like it!

This makes it easy to navigate, arrange content and find what you are looking for.

I find the themes appealing and I think that those who access thes pages do enjoy the experience.

Yes! It is a success!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sales page versus donation - Quck result of today's test

  • Donation page
  • 100 visitors
  • $0.10 in revenue


  • Same type of product with e-book + video side by side
  • Posted it
  • 1 sale 1 hour later!

I am actually quite happy with both pages. i find them bothe quite convincing and both offer value!

Of course, these are not statistics because the sample is too small.

It is simply an indication of what probably works best.

In the second example, the 48 min video is offered as a bonus to the e-book.

The same e-book has been for sale for more than 2 years and sold only 5 ot 10 copies I think.

there were maybe 3 copies sold in a whole year!

Today I update the e-book, post the extra bonus video on the side and within 1 hour there is a sale!

What is impressive is that the page which is directive and selling is the one that got the sale, rather than the one which gives the full freedom saying "pay what you want".

Of course there can be a dozen factors that can influence this as well as coincidence.

However, this definitely gives me a possible format to follow.

I did not frequently have that type of spectacular results in the past. It's not that spectacular in the terms of income of course but simply in terms of apparent result.

Again this is only an indication, not a proof!

Thank you!

4 possible levels of action required - STRATEGY

Here is what you can ask from a visitor who lands on a page:
  • Direct access

No action required - Enjoy the content

  • Free sign up

Free registration / Email address - content on autoresponder

  • Donation

Forced donation

  • Buy

Individual product (for instance video) / Targeted package / Full membership


Until now, I used mainly two systems:

  • Direct access (50% of my content)
  • Buy (50% of my content)
  • Free sign up (forum posting)


What is the ideal structure for this new material?

It's obvious that there are two possible lines of action:

  • Commercial
  • Non commercial

These two lines are conflicting with each other right now on specific strategic choices!

I am open to do whatevre is right and works best on the long term.

I have no preferene for one or the other as long as I can keep on functioning.

I am happy to be of service if this is what works best.

I am happy to "commercialize" the site and my products if this is what is required.

I can function and be happy with both structures.

48 min video - On donation - First results - STRATEGY

Impressive! I just tested to see how the access on donation can work.

Here is the first test:
  • 48 min video
  • I am happy with the landing page and the intro
  • How to speak with your partner without fighting
  • 100 visits in 24 hours to the landing page
  • Conversions into donations - 1%
  • Average time on the page - 2 min - This means that most visitors did fully watch the video
  • Effective donations $0.10!

Yes! I am laughing inside ;)


Possible conclusions:

  • A donation structure does not work?

What is really stunning is that even though people could choose the amount they give, the conversion rate is still very low.

People did watch the intro video though. This means that they are interested in the topic.

If the video was for sale, the conversion might be lower and I need as well a "sales structure".

Estimated conversion rate if the video was $19 for instance: 1% - 0.1% hard to guess...

What is definitely stunning though is that 99% of people leave without taking action even though the action required is relatively easy and non commiting.

What they do respond to though is the fact that there is some energy commitment or aggreement when you make a donation.

99% people did not follow up because of that structure!


Positive conclusions:

  • This strategy really worked for generating traffic - could it be repeated? - maybe yes, maybe no??? - I would say probably if the topic is a solid
  • There was some possible viral effect on this video, Yes!
  • There was a potential for 100 persons watching the vid if it had been posted straight away in the landing page.


Lines of action

  • Ask to register instead?
  • Put the video in a Google player and give them full access instantly?
  • Ask for donation after watching, not before?
  • Email subscription instead?
  • Sell the video instead?
  • Ad it to another existing package?
  • For vital members only?
  • Create a vital member oriented website with all products included, signup, etc.
  • No action required, simply watch!

What is the right strategy or approach????


Monday, March 3, 2008

New vids - Best format? - Options?

For the new video series, here are possible options:

Type of product:
  • Existing products?
  • Best products?
  • New products?

Separately or included?

  • Sell long vids separately
  • Included in an existing product?


  • 5 min intro - original intro and explanation about the video
  • 5 min sample? - the first 5 min of the vid...
  • 5 x 1 min sample?


  • Included in existing product
  • $19 sold separately
  • $4.90 sold separately
  • Forced donation
  • Vital membership

What works best?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Steps that would only bring some limited results - STRATEGY

Here are some of the steps that come to mind but which usually give little results:
  • Maximizing ad campaigns on G or Y!

this has already been done a lot in the past and with ad price being so high, right now, with these products and that type of campaigns, these strategies have already been tested a lot!

High potential loss risk - Little to expect because CPC far too higg

  • Creating a shopping cart like approach with all products for sale

With the existing products, this could result in a sales increase of 10% with the existing traffic, pages and products. The products which are for free now have been for sale in the past with limitted results. This has been tested as well

Already tested - 10% potential gain

  • Perfecting some of the products

This is an ongoing efforts which does eventually bring some improvement by adding videos or audios for instance. Yes! This works to a certain extent.

This requires lots of focus and perfecting both sales pages and products. The sales page can reflect the new energy.

Potential gain - 20% - ????

  • Creating a new e-book, audio series or video series

This again has been tested a lot in the past - Many good results have been achieved but mant e-books have been created as well that don't have audience or exposure. Creating an e-book is easy. It is selling ot an exposing it that is the challenge.

Potential gain - Infinite if the marketing strategy is complete - However this is only one link in the chain

  • Working on the satellite sites, creating new blogs, social bookmarking activity, etc.

With all the effort that has been put in these sites, the results are limited. Huge effort (probably the equivalent of 3 months of work) for little results so far.

Potential gain - little

  • Free advice in forum, email, etc

This establishes a high level of credibility but it is double. the sales resulting from promoting products that way is a small fraction of the response I get. Doing it more won't generate more sales. It is like volunteering.

Potential gain - little



Here are some possible strategies...

  • Sell everything - Stop giving away stuff for free!!!

A possible direction to go now is to sell everything which is available for free. Totally limit the access to products including forum and free advice to paying members or customers only.

  • Work on your products! - Not on free content!

Yes! Product's quality and content can be immensely improved. This means that you focus on those rather than on creating free content.

If this is done properly, this could mean an increase of 20% - 50% revenue.

Some products improvements did back clash though. Sometimes, after adding a set of audios, to an e-book, it seems that the product sells sometimes less than before.

This complexification of the product is again a double factor which is not clear.


Both of these strategies have been tested, sometimes with good results, sometimes, not! It's very double!


Conclusion 2

  • More complex or simpler products?

By adding material to one product, this product becomes more and more complex which can be a good thing or a bad thing... Is it better to sell products the way I post videos. One shot! One sales page! One day creation! That's it! - Ideally, I would love to do that!!! That's for sure! - Does it sell better? - Sometimes, it is this newness factor

Long videos? - NEW PRODUCT? - STRATEGY

Long videos?

This is a potential new product...

1 hour vids!

Published? How

  • Google vids - Unlisted
  • On my server?
  • Download via payloadz - posted on my server
  • Sell with another product, e-book or package

Size issues?


  • Max size? 20MB = 5 min 240MB = 60 min Ok? Yes!!!!
  • 20 vids = 5GB 100 vids = 25 GB
  • Transfer = 100 vids/month 25 GB

Non converted/non edited

  • 70MB = 5 min 840MB = 60 min

Two vids:

  • Promotional 5 min intro or cuts.
  • The one hour vid


  • Free
  • Donation
  • Forced donation
  • $5 (rental video price)
  • $19 (Buy DVD price)

Restrict access? - More exposure to existing products? - New products?

These are the possibilities:
  • Shift from free access to Paid access?
  • More exposure to existing products?
  • New products?
  • Better selling strategy?

These are the new possible marketing strategies...

More advertising vids? - STRATEGY

Right now, there is a fine balance of advertising/content.

The vids are around 80%-90% content and 10%-20% advertising.

That's overall, not vid by vid.

For instance for 100 content videos, there are around 10-20 advertising videos.

It's with that type of advertising fraction that I get the results I get.

Is it just a matter of time? - What happens if you keep on doing what you have been doing? - STRATEGY

The last month has been quite specacular in terms of activity and results.

Is it just a matter of doing the same thing even more?

For another three months for instance?

What would happen?

  • Would sales increase?
Guess: No

  • Would exposure increase?

Guess: Yes! 30%

  • Would traffic and activity on the site + forum increase?

Guess: Yes! 10%

In other terms if you keep on doing what you have been doing, you will get more exposure to your vids, same sales numbers and small site traffic increase.

Is this good enough?

From many stand points, yes!

What's wrong with your site?

The site is good in so many ways...

But! It generates only a fraction of what it should in tersm of activity and ROI.

Do people get what they need? Often, yes!

You can do two things:

  • Keep on doing what you have been doing and wait for the energy to shift or simply be happy with the results


  • Shift and essential aspect of your activity or structure

Too much for free? - Sales down - STRATEGY

If the sales go down and you are still running full speed with activity, fee advice, posting free vids, etc, it means that something is out of balance.

Here are the possible strategies:

  • Restrict access to some parts of the site to members only
  • More advertising activity in the form of vids for instance
  • Work on some of the products
  • Create a new product
  • etc.