Wednesday, March 5, 2008

4 possible levels of action required - STRATEGY

Here is what you can ask from a visitor who lands on a page:
  • Direct access

No action required - Enjoy the content

  • Free sign up

Free registration / Email address - content on autoresponder

  • Donation

Forced donation

  • Buy

Individual product (for instance video) / Targeted package / Full membership


Until now, I used mainly two systems:

  • Direct access (50% of my content)
  • Buy (50% of my content)
  • Free sign up (forum posting)


What is the ideal structure for this new material?

It's obvious that there are two possible lines of action:

  • Commercial
  • Non commercial

These two lines are conflicting with each other right now on specific strategic choices!

I am open to do whatevre is right and works best on the long term.

I have no preferene for one or the other as long as I can keep on functioning.

I am happy to be of service if this is what works best.

I am happy to "commercialize" the site and my products if this is what is required.

I can function and be happy with both structures.

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