Thursday, March 27, 2008

45000 downloads or potential sales? - Sell the audio series or not?

Right now, 70% of the audios are in free access via podcasts.

This respesents around 45000 mp3 downloads/month which is very successful.

Now, shifting to a membership based system on the site means no longer offering these audios for free.

Is this the right thing to do?

How to navigate this?
  • Probably around 50% at least of these downloads are via Itunes
  • The rest are on the site.
  • Probably only a small fraction maybe 5% access the audios via one of the blog channels
Keep it open or sell these?

  • Keep the way it is?
  • Keep only 3 episode active on the podcast
  • Keep only one episode active?
  • No episode active at all?
  • record new more promotional series directing to the site?
  • All accesses on the site direct to a sales page - selling vital membership or selling a serie?

Potential gain?

  • if this transition is successful overall, this sytem could convert into an extra Euro 1000/month
  • If the transition does not succeed, it would result in the loss of this audience with little or even less income - in the worst case, loss in sales related with blocking the flow. A not so satisfying result would be only 200 euros increase in sales / month

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