Wednesday, March 5, 2008

48 min video - On donation - First results - STRATEGY

Impressive! I just tested to see how the access on donation can work.

Here is the first test:
  • 48 min video
  • I am happy with the landing page and the intro
  • How to speak with your partner without fighting
  • 100 visits in 24 hours to the landing page
  • Conversions into donations - 1%
  • Average time on the page - 2 min - This means that most visitors did fully watch the video
  • Effective donations $0.10!

Yes! I am laughing inside ;)


Possible conclusions:

  • A donation structure does not work?

What is really stunning is that even though people could choose the amount they give, the conversion rate is still very low.

People did watch the intro video though. This means that they are interested in the topic.

If the video was for sale, the conversion might be lower and I need as well a "sales structure".

Estimated conversion rate if the video was $19 for instance: 1% - 0.1% hard to guess...

What is definitely stunning though is that 99% of people leave without taking action even though the action required is relatively easy and non commiting.

What they do respond to though is the fact that there is some energy commitment or aggreement when you make a donation.

99% people did not follow up because of that structure!


Positive conclusions:

  • This strategy really worked for generating traffic - could it be repeated? - maybe yes, maybe no??? - I would say probably if the topic is a solid
  • There was some possible viral effect on this video, Yes!
  • There was a potential for 100 persons watching the vid if it had been posted straight away in the landing page.


Lines of action

  • Ask to register instead?
  • Put the video in a Google player and give them full access instantly?
  • Ask for donation after watching, not before?
  • Email subscription instead?
  • Sell the video instead?
  • Ad it to another existing package?
  • For vital members only?
  • Create a vital member oriented website with all products included, signup, etc.
  • No action required, simply watch!

What is the right strategy or approach????


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