Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Choosing the right action line! - STRATEGY

when engaging into action, it is essential to choose the line of action which gives you the greatest results!

Last year, I tested creating multiple sites on the break up topic.

This resulted in around 3 months focus in energy and time investment - Even though the sites were created relatively fast, the actual time, energy and focus it requires is longer than that.

Selecting the right domain names, buying them, renewing them, hosting the sites, etc.

All that takes time and focus.

The working time is not that much but the management of these sites is what takes time.

One year later, these sites get around max 1000 visitors/month for all of them.

The main reason why they don't climg higher in search engines or traffic is simply because there is not enough activity and content in them.

Yes! more work and focus coule be put in them, but with the amount of time and energy spent, the results are not too visible.

Is it worth creating these sites simply for link building strategies?

well... Again doing it just for link building is a very highly time consuming activity and the results are not obvious.

Why? because this type of activity is easy to track by serach engine algorythms and they do penalize or not give too much value to these links.

Every site contains 50 to 200 pages of highly optimized pages.

These pages and sites could result in 1 or 2 sales/month - That's a very vague estimation

Or 100 to 200 $ / year.

With that type of money, you just cover the running expenses for hosting and domain names.

That's it!

In theory it could work and yes, with ongoing consistent action, you can eventually break through.

yes! It can eventually work but the reason why the strategy was not followed through is because it is repetitive, technical and not that many results get out of it.

Yes! It is still and opne possibility and no doors are closed!

What was obvious is that investing that time and energy into vitalcoaching.com gives much better and higher results!

Creating fresh video content as well gives much higher results in terms of response, credibility and exposure.

The reason why I focused on another line of action:
  • fresh video content
  • better design and structure on vitalcoaching.com
  • etc.

Is because the results are higher! Actually much higher

Now, there are more possibilities along the line of multiple blog creation, etc.

Again, this is a strategy that could work but what do you think works best for the same amount of work, time and energy and what is more rewarding:

  • Creating new fresh video content and gaining exposure and feed back or
  • Creating lots of new blogs and posting to them?


Who reads blogs today?

Who watches vids?

What's the proportion?

probably 1 to 10 or 1 to 100

this means that for 10 to 100 person watching videos, 1 person is reading a blog post!

Yes! That's the type of proportion.

What about serach engine results:

If you make a search on a given topic, how many blog results come in the top 10, how many video response come in the top 10.

That's the type of estimation you can make, right?

the truth is that if you want to reach people, you have to go where these people are!

Have you ever got a positive comment or feed back for one of your blog posts?

How many persons on average do see a blog post of yours?

Get the picture?

  • 1 day creating and posting new vids?
  • 1 day creating or posting in new blogs?

video wins!!! By far!!!

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