Friday, March 7, 2008

How to present the new videos on the site - STRATEGY

That's a key question!

Channels already exist!

The videos do match within that context but some channels are free while the new vids are fee!

The question is: How to position this new content in relation with the one that already exist without creating conflict, contradiction or stress in the visitors mind.

It is very clear that simply posting an ad for the new vids will not result in spectacular traffic! But it is essential for visitors to find what they are looking for easily, if they are looking for that video.

It's important that the various aspects of the site don't conflict with each other and that it is easy to ad new videos like this ones without having to restructure the whole site around them.

The question is: How to achieve just that????

You have two strategies:

  • the first one is to advertise a product and direct people!
  • the second one is to make it super easy for people to find it when they look for it (no calling and no pressure, just simple navigation)

It is this second option you need to focus on!

Yes! the strategy of having very clear pages is an excellent option!

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