Monday, March 10, 2008

Refined energie - Fertility - STRATEGY

This is one of the key qualities that still need to be added to mys speech.

right now, this quality only manfest at 60%.

in past audios, thsi quality has been growing or expanding and impacting in a very positive way.

it creates a flow of speech which is magnetically touching and it works.

Now, with videos that a quality which has not yet been fully manifested.

It is a there but not enough.

It is that quaity which creates a sense of connection and comfort as well.

It is the essence of fertility in nature.

It is as well organic growth.

It is the quality of beauty and love as well.

When it is missing, speech focuses on its networking quality.

communication highways.

Now, refinement creates something else.

It creates a new dimension of enjoyment and beauty.

And yes! I did manifest that quality in the audios. It took a few seasons and practice to reach it and eventually was there! Nicely manifested!

The shift to video forced me to tame a new medium and adapt my style to it.

Now, it is growing and I am already quite satisfied with the results.

The next octave is definitely to manfiest this extra dimension of refinement and bring it to life!

I mean, that's only one of the possible directions, of course.

There are probably many more of course.

Okay, this quality has to do with speech flow!

I know I can talk for an hour on any of these topics.

The flow does not stop.

But within that flow, I need to manifest more of that beauty or refinement quality.

... And to do that I need to manifest the specific source that sponsors that energy!

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