Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Republishing the forum posts in another format? - STRATEGY

okay, this one could be essentila or not.

Right now, the forum shows high signs of weakness!!!

It is frequently down for technical reasons and the republishing of the database is a bummer.

It is unstable right now and the content could be lost or be challenging to maintain.

It feel there is a potential new avenue to take but it is not clear what this avenue is!

There are a few possible ideas:
  • Republish the forum posts in the form of articles - posted to blog
  • With links in the break up area
  • Post to dozens of self created blogs using my automated system
  • Answer these questions in a video format
  • Replace the free advice format by the expert advice and simply let the forum slowly vanish
  • Fight for the forum and to maintain it in its present format
  • Create a new simplified forum
  • Integrate the forum in a membership based structure
  • Don't touch anything - leave it as it is - survive

What is the best option???

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