Thursday, March 20, 2008

Subscriber increase! - What caused it? - STRATEGY

In the week march 10 to 16, there was a high subscriber increase - it actually went on for a couple of extra days untiol March 17.

after that, almost total collapse in numbers of subscribers.

here are some conclusions and possible causes for these shifts:

  • March 8 - Saturday - Posted the "What is your top dating challenge video" - Edited -question - ask for feed back - community - subscriber numbers start increasing
  • March 10 - Monday - Posted 3 stress free strategies - content - Clearer rise in number of subscribers
  • March 11 - Tuesday - break up for men vids - Promotional - still high subscribers!
  • March 13 - Thursday - 6 x 1 minute videos on jealousy for men - promotional - still high subscribers
  • march 14 - friday - 6 x 5 minute audio/vids - Audios - Still high subscribers
  • March 16 - 3 cheating for men vids - promotional - begins decline? - Not yet! - still goes high for another day
  • March 19 - 6 questions from viewers answered - subscribers numbers have now dropped!


  • The subscribers numbers stayed high! - Was it one specific video series that triggered these numbers? - Why did people subscribe much more in that past week?
  • Was it just a random variation - natural?
  • Was it something I did or generated with a specific video set?
  • What is the exact element that triggers subscribers increase?
  • Is there a specific element that triggers subscribers decrease?
  • Were external activities on the site triggering this increase and/or decrease as well?

Other actions taken in the last couple of weeks:

  • Around March 13, started sending standard "sign up for coaching" messages to those requesting free advice

key question now:

  • What exactly triggered these changes in subscribers numbers?
  • Is there a delay of one to 2 days between a posting action and the subscriber number response?

The key question is

Which of these video series did trigger the best subscriber increase? Why?

Any of these? - All of these?

  • Question to viewers +++++
  • Stree free - wake up your power +++++
  • Break up for men +++++
  • Jealousy for men +++++
  • Tantric sex +++
  • Cheating for men ++
  • Answers ++

  • Yes! I am convinced that ceratin video formats, topics and intentsions work better than others
  • Yes! the final solution might be a combination of a few of these formats and theme - maybe all of them
  • Yes! maybe number of posts + frequency could be an essential element in the number of subscribers

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