Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Main video promotional on Youtube? - does it slow down subscriptions?

automatic publishing to blog - significant increase in traffic

on april 19th - I started publishing to the blog automatically on

At exactly the same time, the traffic shifte from 2 visits/day average to 10 visits/day average.

On this result only, this would show that the strategy works!

The publishing to the site means that google see it as an update and gives more value to the domain name overall.

i must have missed linking the pafes to the blog because I now can't see it (I thought I did it).

Even without that, the traffic was still boosted!

None of this traffic was directed to the blog pages because the stats on the blog were tracked by another code (not the one from


This theory needs to be proven and confirmed by trying it on other sites.

It definitely shows potential from here.

Here is exactly what happens with interpretation:

  • publishing frequently to blog on the site boosts the value of the site and its pages in the search engine
  • The pages which are being visited are probably not the ones from the blog but other pages that were already ranking well and maybe rank much better because of this fresh publishing boost
  • At leats in this example, the change happens instantly within the same day. This could mean that the search engine picks up this update instantly and values the site more on the spot!
  • 95% of the traffic seems to be coming from google with a whole variety of keywords related with the optimzied pharse for the page.
  • The bounce rate for these pages + time of the page is very low! - the converstion rate estimation could be anywhere from 0.5% - 0.2% - 1 sale for 200 to 500 visitors - This is a vague estimation as there is not enough data - This is the type of conversion that was observed for similar pages and similar traffic on


  • If this proves to be true, this strategy should work for the other satellite sites as well.
  • On it is hard to measure a change or the impact of this strategy. So far no visible change.

What is surprising as well is the fact that this shift in traffic is instant! - Totally synchronized with the publishing of this new blog on the domain.

maybe, that's what google picks up, updates instantly and translates this into higher value/ranking for the site

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stay fit now for members only - STRATEGY

I am experimenting now with giving access to more parts of the site to memebre sna clients only.

April 29th

If giving less for free ads value to the vital membership and overall to my coaching clients, offering less for free should confirm and strengthen even more the trend that I observed in the last coiple of months.

If I follow up on this strategy, these facts should be confirmed.

Let's see what the results are

Sunday, April 27, 2008

new ebooks + access to vital members only = More sales - More signups ? - STRATEGY


this is at least how this could be interpreted.

a couple of weeks ago, I created 3 new e-books on dating for men

While the sales did not really go up for that specific product, the number of signups for coaching + the overall number of sales for all products is up.

Conclusion: the overall value of what I offer is up. credibility is up.

it seems to mean that creating new e-books + restricting access to members only to ceratin arts of the site do lead to higher sales and more coaching sign ups.

So, that specific strategy does work!

Yes! It can be followed up!

The overall energy is distributed more to paying clients and cutomers, less to free visitors.

It concentrates the energy and validates my work financially.

Of course this is only type of possible reward but if ar least more income is part of the target, this seems to be definitely the way to go.

Note that there is no increase in sales yet for neither the dating for men or vital membership products but sales are steady for other products and especially the number of coaching sign ups is particularly high this week.

The dynamics are clear: more appealing e-books for members only = Increased credibility and coaching attraction, increased trust, etc.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

vital membership versus free content - Which works best?

In the last 2 months, I stopped offering free advice.

the results are very clear!
  • strong increase in coaching clients
  • Clear increase as well in e-books sales.

Because I no longer offer my services free, people do sign up for coaching.

the question is:

Does the number of membership, coaching and overall sales respond in the same way when offering my content to members, or clients only?

This is one of the big possible steps that can be taken on the site.

Is this the way to go?

Would this generate the expected results?

SEO - What happens does not match what should happen at all! - New sites conclusions

SEO - What happens does not match what should happen at all!
Here are some example:

New break up sites:

  • 10 sites created
  • 150 pages/site
  • every site optimzied for 150 keywords each
  • sites linked with each other
  • 14 months of online presence
  • Invested: 2 months of work, domain name research, site design and creation, maintainance, etc.
  • Invested: $300 hosting + domains


  • average? 1 sale/month
  • $200 of income/year
  • traffic to these sites? average 200 - 500 visitors/month ???

Compared with, this represents less than 1% of the overall traffic and sales.

In terms of time and energy invested, the results does not pay pack.

What about backlinks?

The traffic on is very steady over the last couple of years.

Number of visitors/day is at around 700 visits/day to web pages.

As an example, with the same type of effort invested in creating video content, the exposure to vids did increase by 1000% in 3 months!


at least with that specific step, the results don't match the expectations. They are only 1 to 10 of the original prediction or potential.

The internet responds in a very different way because many factors are overlooked at.

The conclusion would be:

Refrain from investing into this type of SEO strategies.

Instead focus on activities that really work and do give you real results!

Yes! You already know what these activities are!

New blogs, backlinks, automatic posting - What is the real impact of these strategies?

Here is what I can do:
  • Create lots of new blogs
  • Ad blogs to the new sites
  • post in automatic to these blogs - using an autoresponder system
  • Lots ot new automatic posts on
  • Lots of backlinks to the main channels

What is the real impact of these strategies?

Here is the assumption:

  • Boost the search engine ranking of main channels on the site
  • Boost the overall search engine ranking for
  • Multiply the exposure to my articles and vids.
  • Increase number of sales

Is this what would happen?

how much does this need to be done?

Here is what I think could work:

  • 100 new blogs on various topics
  • Automatic posting to these blogs (5 posts/day)

What are the expected results?

  • Traffic increase on the site 10%
  • potential new sales, sign ups, etc? 10%
  • Over what period of time? 3 months
  • 500 new posts/day within my newtork of sites
  • 15000 new posts/month
  • 45000 new pages/3 months

Yes! This could work if it is done very consistently.

This has the power to literally explode the quantity of content that I post online.

as an example, with just 4 days of activity, I will create the equivalent of my forum content

with 4 days of activity, I can create the equivalent of the totality of my blogs content.

What about possible traffic to the site and my network?

Right now, blogs and forums represent about 10% of site traffic each.

Automatic posting to blogs + 100 blogs has the potential to multiply that content in just 4 days of blog activity.

would that mean 10% extra traffic every 4 days?

Could that mean as well 100% traffic increase within 40 days?

To be realistic, I would say, 100% traffic increase within 3 months.

So, this is what could happen.

Now, that's in theory.

as observed with other SEO steps, the theory did not match the results.

Possible negatives:

  • flagged or penalized by google?
  • lots of time consuming work - little results
  • Possibility for no results at all! as observed with other similar SEO type of strategies
  • Miss the point by not focusing on what TRULY works. Other strategies can work much better
  • Management challenge for all these blogs, automatic posting systems
  • design challenges for these blogs
  • Personal and Online Cluttering
  • Poor branding perception from visitors - turn off?
  • Personal address display
  • Etc.

videos posted and number of subscribers - confirmation of the normal trend

It has been a a week now since I started posting vids again (after a two weeks interuption) and the number of subscribers is exactly the same as it was in this two weeks interuption period - Number of comments? very similar as well.

I am now for this las 6 days period at exactly 5 subscribers/day which is exactly what I had in the two weeks that preceded.

Conclusion, the energy trend I saw frist is not confirmed!

Posting vids does not lower the number of new subscribers!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

6 new vids posted yesterday - 6 new subscribers overnight

This seems to show that the trend is not proved now.

This week, 15 subscribers in 4 days - the previous 2 weeks trend would have given 20 subscribers/4days period as a average.


Logically, posting or not posting does not really influence the trend.

5 less susbcribers in 4 days is not a valid stat trend - These type of variations are visible all the time whether vida re posted or not.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No subscribers numbers increase with call for advice vid

Within 24 hours, the numbers stayed the same - no decrease, no increase.

yesterday, I posted 8 new vids, subscription numbers stay the same, low for now.

The comments are a bit up, close to normal


when posting and noticing low subscriber number, this happens equally with
  • 1 vid only posted
  • 8 vids posted
  • call for answers vid

All these various elemenst are not triggering more or less subscribers.

The drop in subscribers was perceived simply when starting to post after a 2 weeks break.

So, why this drop?

Is it random or is there an energy cause for it?

What can I do about it?

How should I respond to it?

By the way, at this stage, that drop means going from 5 subs/day for 2 weeks to 2 subs/day over the last 3 days.

The numbers are too small to draw a clear conclusion.

The same type of variations are observed with sales week by week.

usually though, these type of energy indicators still tell a story and I managed a few break throughs by listening to these indicators.

Monday, April 21, 2008

will a video "call for advice/answers" generate an increase in subscribers?

This is the dilemma right now.

The question was:
  • Did me posting a video with power kick advice generate a turn off in number of subscribers and comments posts in other vids or not?
  • Is it the posting of the vid by itself?

I just posted a video which is a call for answers or advice from women to men.

The key here is to stimulte discussion and dialogue and act as a facilitator rather than the one monopoloizing speech.

The question is:

  • Will that video generate more subscribers, no change or less?

In the previous weeks without posting any new vid in close to 3 weeks, the number of subscribers was around 30/week.

I posted two vids in the week end and today, very little comments and just one new subscriber.

Will this new vid style/format generate more subscriptions + comments?

Let's wait 24 hours and see

PS: these dynamics are energy dynamics! By the numbers only, the shift of subscribers and comments does not make sense. the subscribers of course come from the whole channel but simply posting a new vid seems to influence how people respond to my channel in general, not just a specific video.

The only explanation is the energy of the channel shifts when I post a vid and people respond to that.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

subscribers and comments drop after posting video response

This is stunning!

I don't post any video for 2 weeks and start getting an average of 30 subscribers/week

Dozens of comments and a few questions come in every day.

I decide to start posting video responses and suddenly:
  • number of comments + subscribers drops.
It goes very fast!

This is only a 12 hours trend, so it is not significant enough to be a stat, but the pattern is clear and it is something that seems to happen.

Yes! I observed that before and it is really strange.

i would think totally the other way round.

i would think that no vids posted would lead to subsribers and comments drop...

And that new vids would create a flow of new subsribers.

In fact the exact opposite happens - at least short term.


A few possible reasons for that type of response:

  • It is 100% natural and is the result of an organic reaction - I simply repolarize/Monopolize the energy a bit by taking the main role/lead on the channel. The spot light is on me. It takes the energy away from those who visit

  • My video style is very directive - It's power kick advice which does not call for feed back - Is this a turn off on an energy level?
Absolutely not! Turn off is not the right word or concept!

The idea of organic reaction is spot on!

When you post, you manipulate energy!

You get what you create!


Some more points

  • The number of views is ok, stays relatively high: The two last vids got 50+views/day which is in line with usual

  • I got 3 posts on my comments - one of them is a hint for doing a vid about sex for men



  • This is just a test! to check how dedicated I am to actually go that way - This energy reaction could happen no matter what you engage into

  • These are details. The real target is to reach to a new octave


Possible options

  • Do it again exactly the way you did it - The subscribers drop is temporary anyway - only a day or two days drop and not really significant within a month period.

  • Listen to the reaction and do something about it! - This subscribers and comments drop is a hint! - Do something differently!

  • Create opinion opener videos with key questions to your audience - rather than giving directive feed back, offer a space for exchange of ideas and open dialogue.

  • Go to a whole new octave and create more prepared vids - more edited - more worked out! - Tried that one in the sense of editing - 1 day of work did not generate more views or response - Music, transitions, jokes and lost of variation in the vid did not create much change - If I check the difference between high edited vids and non edited vids, there is simply little difference or trend


The truth is that I want to gather momentum and I want my vids to generate a positive response - Connecting!


PS: As I am writing this message, new subscription just comes in

dating for men + break up for men - New e-books as bonuses does not lead to more sales yet

This one is conuterintuitive.

I added short e-book sa bonuses which are all really good!

  • Internet dating
  • Ask her out
  • sexual attraction

Strangely enough, I would have expected a boost in sales on both break up and dating programs.

So far no visible result

  • No change or even drop in the break up system
  • No results on the dating for men system.

On this last one, dating for men, the fact that no result can bessen is not exceptional - With the traffic that goes to that page, it is too short to draw conclusions.

With the break up system, these 3 dating e-books could actually be turn offs and not really ad value to what guys in break up zone really need.

These 3 e-books could be a distraction that hurts sales rather than stimulating them.

It is a bit counterintuitive from a certain angle but makes sense as well when we look at it from that perspective.


jealousy sales page with video + MP3 call for action results in high sales - STRATEGY

For about a week, I achnegd the jealousy for men sales page and added video + audio call for action.

The program contains now videos as well.

The result is very good with a significant increase in sales.

1 week is too short to draw long term stats but the results are definitely there.

Same type of results were observed on break up for men sales page as well. Vids have been added around 3 months ago and again, it seemed to work then.

Well done!


  • Ad video sales to the page
  • Ad audio call for action?
  • Ad videos to the program to increase its value

The jealousy sales page was shifted not only on the main page, it was changed on all SEO pages and the two other sites as well.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Traffic drop associated with site map submission? - STRATEGY

This one is a pattern that I observed systematically.

Every 2 or 3 months I do resubmit my site map on google.

This seems to lead to a traffic drop of 20 to 25% in traffic to the site for a few days - maybe up to a week.

Would this be some sort of sandbox effect?

I observed the same type of traffic drop when changing or adding ads or campaigns on google adwords.

Now the pattern is systematic enough to be real.

In the last week, I resubmitted site maps multiple times and deleted old ones as well because I cleared the site the previous week.

I removed old pages and outdated material as well.

The results is a clear drop over a few days again.

Because I have been "playing" with these sites maps more, the drop seems to last slightly longer than usual.

This whole thing is only a theory.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

16% of traffic still depends on HTM pages - 37000 page views/month

That's the big conclusion!

These pages are still based on the frontpage design that needs somehow to be fixed or updated.

While people can still watch the pages, the navigation is no longer coherent right now.

That's what needs to be either dropped (not worry about it as it only slightly affects the quality of the visitor's experience) or be put back on track.

low traffic HTM pages (realtionships, life skills, etc) = 1% of overall traffic! = 3000 page views/month


That's not much!

This part represents probably 500 pages of content

This means that this part of the site could

  • Be transfered to the new channels created
  • Republished in blog format
  • Not do anything! - Simply not worry about it as it gets very little traffic
  • Republished with anew system or site structure (ASP or Dynamic site template)
  • Other?

Site traffic - APRIL 2008

These are the estimations for the last month

  • Home 4% (3000 pages/month?)
  • HTM 77% (37000 ?)
  • HTML (blogs) 7% (3000 ?)
  • PHP (forum) 12% (5500 ?)

  • Total pages 100% (48000 pages views/month)


  • MP3 Estimation (45000 downloads/month)


Other traffic

  • youtube 2000 views/day (60000/month)
  • other video channels 2500 views/day (75000/month)


Total page views + downloads - 228000/month

  • site pages 21%
  • Mp3 20%
  • youtube 26%
  • other video channels 32%


On this picture, the low traffic HTM pages (realtionships, life skills, etc) = 1% of overall traffic!

Monday, April 7, 2008

To attach pages to a Dynamic Web Template

To attach pages to a Dynamic Web Template
In the Folder List task pane, select the file(s) that you want to attach to the Dynamic Web Template. To select multiple files, press CTRL and hold, and then click the files that you want to attach.
On the Format menu, point to Dynamic Web Template, and then click Attach Dynamic Web Template.
Locate and click the Dynamic Web Template you want to attach, and then click Open. If the body of a selected web page contains content, the Choose Editable Regions for Content dialog box appears. The dialog box displays the default settings for mapping content from the body of the web page to editable regions specified by the Dynamic Web Template. The Old column lists content in the body of the web page. The New column lists editable regions specified by the template.
In the Choose Editable Regions for Content dialog box, do one of the following:
To move all of the content in the body of the web page to the default editable region, click OK. If the default editable region contains content, that content is replaced with the content in the web page.
To move all of the content in the body of the web page to a specific editable region, click (Body), and then click Modify. In the New Region list, click the editable region you want to move the content to. If you click (none), the content is removed from the web page.
To maintain all of the content and structure of the web page, click Skip Current Page. The template is not attached to the page.

.dwt = Dynamic web template

A Dynamic Web Template is an HTML-based master copy of a web page that you can create to contain settings, formatting, and page elements such as text, graphics, page layout, styles, and regions of a web page that can be modified.

You attach a Dynamic Web Template to the pages in a website, and that template defines the layout for those pages.

You can use any number of Dynamic Web Templates in a website, and you can attach a Dynamic Web Template to as many pages as you like.


By using Dynamic Web Templates, you can create HTML pages that share the same layout. In addition to providing a shared layout, you can make some regions in a template available for editing while preventing changes to other regions in that template.

This means that you can allow others to add and edit content, yet still preserve the layout of the pages and the template itself.

Login and membership features - can be intergreated in the site using ASP

That's good potential news

How easy is it to set it up, with database, etc.

ASP.NET pages or HTM pages?

Of course, the present site is still HTM.

What is the future and what is easiets to create on the long term?

What gives the site the most energy and dynamism?

What do I need to go for on the long term? ASP or HTM?

ASP.NET and HTM pages? - Can they be together on the same site?

If yes, that would allow me to progressively shift some part of the content to ASP.NET pages.

That's an option

3 way of creating pages

  • cascading style sheet
  • Dynamic web template
  • ASP.NET master pages

At this stage, I tested the ASP.NET master pages adn it seems to work.

That sounds like an easy to use solution.

I was not able to publish it properly yet. The content was published but the matser page are does not.

Don't know why, yet

No more front page extensions

That's now the first step to make the site future friendly.

The only element that needs somewho to be "converted" to function properly is the

"page include"feature which is extensively used on the site

For the rest, everything gets published via FTP and it works

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Forcing the vital membership?

That's another option to promote all products which are now for free.

This would mean giving access to members only to 95% of the site's content.

I did not try this yet!

the question is:
  • Would this work energy wise?
  • Would there be enough exposure to the sales page for this step to be successful?
  • If visitors don't access a free content page like they do now, how will they find the site?

It feels like there is a possible shift on that level but the exact step to take or strategy to follow is not clear at all.

The few options I can see now are possibilities but they would mean limiting the access to the 45000 MP3 downloads being offered fro free right now.

It would mean as well limiting the access to the dozens of video pages being accessed on the site.


Yes! It is an option and I'll be happy to go through with it, if this effectively generate value and sales for the site rather than taking it away.

Shift from free to sale for certain or all free products?

This is the next big possible step!!!

Considering what happened with the no more free advice step, this is another possible improvement on the site simply selling more of what I offer.

Now, the challenge with that is different:
  • Products like MP3s receive exposure because they are free - They would not receive that exposure if they were not free!
  • Probably 80% of those who subscribe to an MP3 channel is because it is free. If it was simply a whole lot of ads, they would probably unsubscribe.
  • I tried to sell before some of these products that could be shifted back for sale. the sales results were not high. The income increase when these products are for sale was not very high.
  • If all these free products were for sale, the estimation is around 10 extra units sold / month.

Coaching sign ups strong increase since stopping with free advice

This is the big learning experience for March 2008.

since sending unsorted systematic messages to free advice requests including forum posts, the number of coaching sign ups strongly increased.

At least 3 new clients did sign up because the doors to free advice were closed!!!

This is the most spectacular shift in my activity in a long time.

This was definitely the thing to do to increase clients sign up.

It is a strong strategic change that radically shifts the energy around my coaching, website, channels and activity.


Stop with free advice

Coach only with coaching sign up