Wednesday, April 30, 2008

automatic publishing to blog - significant increase in traffic

on april 19th - I started publishing to the blog automatically on

At exactly the same time, the traffic shifte from 2 visits/day average to 10 visits/day average.

On this result only, this would show that the strategy works!

The publishing to the site means that google see it as an update and gives more value to the domain name overall.

i must have missed linking the pafes to the blog because I now can't see it (I thought I did it).

Even without that, the traffic was still boosted!

None of this traffic was directed to the blog pages because the stats on the blog were tracked by another code (not the one from


This theory needs to be proven and confirmed by trying it on other sites.

It definitely shows potential from here.

Here is exactly what happens with interpretation:

  • publishing frequently to blog on the site boosts the value of the site and its pages in the search engine
  • The pages which are being visited are probably not the ones from the blog but other pages that were already ranking well and maybe rank much better because of this fresh publishing boost
  • At leats in this example, the change happens instantly within the same day. This could mean that the search engine picks up this update instantly and values the site more on the spot!
  • 95% of the traffic seems to be coming from google with a whole variety of keywords related with the optimzied pharse for the page.
  • The bounce rate for these pages + time of the page is very low! - the converstion rate estimation could be anywhere from 0.5% - 0.2% - 1 sale for 200 to 500 visitors - This is a vague estimation as there is not enough data - This is the type of conversion that was observed for similar pages and similar traffic on


  • If this proves to be true, this strategy should work for the other satellite sites as well.
  • On it is hard to measure a change or the impact of this strategy. So far no visible change.

What is surprising as well is the fact that this shift in traffic is instant! - Totally synchronized with the publishing of this new blog on the domain.

maybe, that's what google picks up, updates instantly and translates this into higher value/ranking for the site

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