Sunday, April 20, 2008

dating for men + break up for men - New e-books as bonuses does not lead to more sales yet

This one is conuterintuitive.

I added short e-book sa bonuses which are all really good!

  • Internet dating
  • Ask her out
  • sexual attraction

Strangely enough, I would have expected a boost in sales on both break up and dating programs.

So far no visible result

  • No change or even drop in the break up system
  • No results on the dating for men system.

On this last one, dating for men, the fact that no result can bessen is not exceptional - With the traffic that goes to that page, it is too short to draw conclusions.

With the break up system, these 3 dating e-books could actually be turn offs and not really ad value to what guys in break up zone really need.

These 3 e-books could be a distraction that hurts sales rather than stimulating them.

It is a bit counterintuitive from a certain angle but makes sense as well when we look at it from that perspective.


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