Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Forcing the vital membership?

That's another option to promote all products which are now for free.

This would mean giving access to members only to 95% of the site's content.

I did not try this yet!

the question is:
  • Would this work energy wise?
  • Would there be enough exposure to the sales page for this step to be successful?
  • If visitors don't access a free content page like they do now, how will they find the site?

It feels like there is a possible shift on that level but the exact step to take or strategy to follow is not clear at all.

The few options I can see now are possibilities but they would mean limiting the access to the 45000 MP3 downloads being offered fro free right now.

It would mean as well limiting the access to the dozens of video pages being accessed on the site.


Yes! It is an option and I'll be happy to go through with it, if this effectively generate value and sales for the site rather than taking it away.

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