Saturday, April 26, 2008

New blogs, backlinks, automatic posting - What is the real impact of these strategies?

Here is what I can do:
  • Create lots of new blogs
  • Ad blogs to the new sites
  • post in automatic to these blogs - using an autoresponder system
  • Lots ot new automatic posts on
  • Lots of backlinks to the main channels

What is the real impact of these strategies?

Here is the assumption:

  • Boost the search engine ranking of main channels on the site
  • Boost the overall search engine ranking for
  • Multiply the exposure to my articles and vids.
  • Increase number of sales

Is this what would happen?

how much does this need to be done?

Here is what I think could work:

  • 100 new blogs on various topics
  • Automatic posting to these blogs (5 posts/day)

What are the expected results?

  • Traffic increase on the site 10%
  • potential new sales, sign ups, etc? 10%
  • Over what period of time? 3 months
  • 500 new posts/day within my newtork of sites
  • 15000 new posts/month
  • 45000 new pages/3 months

Yes! This could work if it is done very consistently.

This has the power to literally explode the quantity of content that I post online.

as an example, with just 4 days of activity, I will create the equivalent of my forum content

with 4 days of activity, I can create the equivalent of the totality of my blogs content.

What about possible traffic to the site and my network?

Right now, blogs and forums represent about 10% of site traffic each.

Automatic posting to blogs + 100 blogs has the potential to multiply that content in just 4 days of blog activity.

would that mean 10% extra traffic every 4 days?

Could that mean as well 100% traffic increase within 40 days?

To be realistic, I would say, 100% traffic increase within 3 months.

So, this is what could happen.

Now, that's in theory.

as observed with other SEO steps, the theory did not match the results.

Possible negatives:

  • flagged or penalized by google?
  • lots of time consuming work - little results
  • Possibility for no results at all! as observed with other similar SEO type of strategies
  • Miss the point by not focusing on what TRULY works. Other strategies can work much better
  • Management challenge for all these blogs, automatic posting systems
  • design challenges for these blogs
  • Personal and Online Cluttering
  • Poor branding perception from visitors - turn off?
  • Personal address display
  • Etc.

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