Monday, April 21, 2008

will a video "call for advice/answers" generate an increase in subscribers?

This is the dilemma right now.

The question was:
  • Did me posting a video with power kick advice generate a turn off in number of subscribers and comments posts in other vids or not?
  • Is it the posting of the vid by itself?

I just posted a video which is a call for answers or advice from women to men.

The key here is to stimulte discussion and dialogue and act as a facilitator rather than the one monopoloizing speech.

The question is:

  • Will that video generate more subscribers, no change or less?

In the previous weeks without posting any new vid in close to 3 weeks, the number of subscribers was around 30/week.

I posted two vids in the week end and today, very little comments and just one new subscriber.

Will this new vid style/format generate more subscriptions + comments?

Let's wait 24 hours and see

PS: these dynamics are energy dynamics! By the numbers only, the shift of subscribers and comments does not make sense. the subscribers of course come from the whole channel but simply posting a new vid seems to influence how people respond to my channel in general, not just a specific video.

The only explanation is the energy of the channel shifts when I post a vid and people respond to that.

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