Saturday, May 31, 2008

Coaching sign up drop - another possible cause

Part of the membership package includes access to the forum

One week ago, I realized as well that the membership sales page was actually suggesting that I would answer questions for free when needed.

This is another potential incoherence that might have been a turn off for some of the free advice requests I got.

Some of these requests were quite insisting.

It could be explained by what I say above.

What is strange is that this specific element was already present in the previous months were many people did sign up.

If it was not an issue in the previous two months why would it become an issue now in the last month?

coaching sign ups drop - possible causes - Summary

Here it is to summarize:

  • Selling article access destroys the bridge of trut with my audience - it creates resentment towards my site - potential clienst feel that and are turned off = Commercialization

  • Coherence gap - membership + coaching too cheap which loweres the perceived value of my service + my own level of power = Incoherence

  • My Coaching spirit simply focused on creating new products rather than coaching one on one = Natural energy shift

  • Incoherence - coaching and advice might have been perceived as being part of the membership package - incoherence on that level - This has been changed in the last few days = Betrayal

So, this makes 4 possible identified causes.

3 of them can be shifted or solved and action can be taken.

In the natural energy shift cause, it is different. It is simply mainly related with a natural cycle in my activity.

What action do I need to take in the coming month?

Is there something I need to shift?

Do I need to let go and simply accept that I am now in another cycle?

What is the final answer to that?

Lowered value perception because of giving the membership for such a low price?

That's another possibility!

Giving this new stronger membership to new clients for such a low price lowers the value of my coaching and the membership in their eyes?

By being too generous, I shift the power balance and thereforce this turns off new potential clients?

my coaching spirit simply working on another line right now

The reason why I created all these new e-book and products in the lats month is as well because I had time to do so.

Having to focus on an individual's client situation shifts my energy to another direction

coherence gap - vital membership for $29 through the coaching sign up channel

This is another element that can be significant!

Right now, coaching sign ups get the vital membership + my time for a highly discounted value.

They bet it cheaper than if they were buying the membership separately.

That's another potential turn off or energy disturbance that could influence coaching sign ups

what action to take to bring back coaching sign ups?

This negtaive psychic buzz create by a higher commercialization of the site?

How does it work exactly?

Is it related with
  • putting the "stay fit", "wake up your power", etc channels for sale


  • Limiting access to articles which are expected to be for free usually.

Maybe the mistake is not to sell access to some of these high quality channels, it might be to sell something which is highly expcted to be for free like a small set of articles.

Yes! This could be it!

This could be the exact element to shift.

This is the equivalent of limiting access to general forums or general blogs for members only.

It seems to be ok to take that step if the product sold on that page is a high quality product like, video or audio set

Other people's videos - Embedded in targeted blogs

This one strategy was a good test but it does generate little to no credibility + very little traffic.

I created two specific video blogs where I started adding high quality videos.

The first one is:
  • Business success - which is on top of the links when accessing my business area - in close to a year of existence, that blog generated alltogether around 100 page views! - This is it!
  • Spiritual traditions - another spiritual blog where I post spiritual videos got around 400 page views alltogether in a year period

This is simply what happens with these blogs and the way I use them right now.

I have 60+ channels with half of them being unactive.

It is expected that visitors don't really come back to these channels (except maybe the very targetd ones like jealousy and break up).

overall income drop even though more products are for sale

For May,

the number of sales is relatively steady with a slight increase in membership.

But the numbre of coaching sign ups dropped massively.

This means that overall there is an income drop of around 20%

is this indicative or is it the result of a logical energy shift?

This is what I need to answer now!

Here is a possible explanation for such drop:

suppose that on an energy level, I get paid not for the sales or the coaching hours but truly for the positive impact I have in people's lives.

Suppose that this month, because I have been restricting many areas of the site to members only, there is a negative overall emotional reaction coming from my audience.

This means that overall, I create less good will and therefore my overall income drops!

This is logical energy wise but is this really the way it works?

Over the last few months, I create massive amount of value in the form of videos.

These videos are accessed by thousands of people every day.

If I am paid for my good will and the positive impact I have, how come I don't get a proportional increase in sales because of that?


Because money is not the only reward you get.

many actions are taken for other reasons on this planet and deciding to provide free access quality content can reward you in many ways! In that case you already know what this reward is.

So, to the next point:

If the trend you created is not right or creates the exact opposite to what you want, do you need to somehow reverse it or ad something to your activity which will shift the balance you feel right now?

What are the possible actions?
  • Create promotional high value videos which ad value to a sales page naturally
  • Bring back articles and topic areas back to free access
  • Create new e-books and material which ads value to your life mastery sytem
  • Keep moving forward and keep doing exactly what you have been doing in the last month - You are on the right track.

This whole coaching signup drop issue could be related to a broken bridge of trust phenomena.

If I intensify the commercial targets on my site, visitors feel that and are turned off by this.

Even if a specific individual does not see these new sales pages, they might still pickup on a negative emotional response overall many visitors get when they are faced with a sales page.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Yes! - It is a mistake to upsell before the fist

vital membership? - Right packaging? - Right offer?

Is something missing in the way the membership is offered?

The sales page for the small e-books and other downloads? Is this convincing?

Does this trigger the right type of conversion or is there another way of presenting this material and the sale?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

coaching sign up - sales - vital membership

Right now, the vital membership did sell a few copies for this month.

This is the best result I got so far but it is still a fraction of what it could be.

On top of that, coaching signups are still down.

same time for the last two months, many people did sign up for coaching within the exact same circumstances.

Now, this month, this did not happen!

There seems to be an energy blockage or a shift.

The reason why this energy blockage is there right now is probably related with the fact that there is now much less for free.

There is more concentration of power in because of this membership.

This means that I perceive as well more pressure and demand.

I have two possible directions I can take:
  • The first one is to persevere along the line I am in and create lots of new e-books and fresh content for members only to increase the value of the membership
  • The second one is to go back to offering lots of this material for free.

It seems that there is a key balance to find and because I now added more material to the vital membership + no longer offer free advice, the previous balance did shift.

On an energy note, the "ashramic power" of the site is an open question right now.

That's something to check further...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 blog not triggering visits

this blog was started 7 days ago and still did not trigger traffic for that site.

The other blogs on the other satellite sites seem to be triggering traffic but this one somehow does not catch up.

Maybe it does work but not to the extent that would be expected

Not sure why -

When checking, it looks like the number of pages now indexed on google and yahoo for that domain is now less.

Some other satellite sites with similar type of indexed pages get higher traffic.

some variations.

Should i do something about it?

Publish a new site map?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

coaching - With vital membership? - How to package? - Not chang anything?

Right now, even a 15 min session for $29 gets you the vital membership which is $79

That's a bit incoherent... Should this be shifted back? or should some extra coaching be given with the vital membership?

Does it need to be coherent? Yes? No? How?

Remove the 15 and 30 min session option so that it is coherent with the membership and ad a 60 min credits bonus to the membership for extra advice and coaching?

What is the best package?

Make it coherent between coaching and the vital membership?

Vital membership - With free advice or not?

At this stage, there are a few possible ways to offer the membership:
  • Products only (present option)
  • With free advice
  • With 30 min credits
  • With 60 min credits

Yes! There is a grey line I did not foresee originally.

Offering free advice for members is a possible extra but what is the exact limit?

Another option is not to offer free advice at all (except support with technical issues of course).

If members want extra coaching, they simply need to sign up which is fair of course.

These are simply two different products:

There is coaching and there is the vital membership.

This is the first option and the one I am applying now.

Does this need to change?

What is the long term idea for this membership?

Should free advice or even some coaching credits be included?

What about the practicalities and keeping track?

Isn't offering extra credits too generous and limiting for me?

Still coaching sign up drop

It has been now close to a month since the drop started and the answers to this challenge has not yet been found.

I shifted back offering the dating success - for women fully for free - So, that shift did not change yet the response.

The main change in this month is the number of membership sales.

In a way, the coaching signups was replaced by membership sales.

the two products or directions (membership and coaching) are two possible upgrade or upsales lines.

The other main shift that happened in the last month is the access to stay fit, life skills, etc. channels on the site for members only.

It is in that area that there could be some contradiction or conflicting energy.

E-books for sale makes sense to the prospect.

A bunch of targeted articles doe not make sense to the prospect because this is a type of product which is usually for free.

So, here are a few possible strategies:
  • Turn the articles content into e-books for every life area I restrict to members only?
  • Offer the articles again for free?
The first option is the best.

Right now, the membership is not yet fully coherent!

There are many gaps and areas that can be improved + Content to be created!

So, this is the area where a whole lot of power and energy can be put!

So, the goal would be to quadrupple the number of membership signups by the end of the next month!

The product needs to be coherent and value needs to be added to it!

Friday, May 23, 2008

New SEO test launched - Added a new autorespoder to blogs with "I mis my gilrfriend" links to

If this strategy works, the expected result should be an increase of traffic to that page and program

Starting date 22 05 2008

This type of strategy can take quite a while to kick in though! eaisily months! but you never know

visits to that page have been steady around 1500 visits/month

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

sales still steady - coaching sign ups still low

Now, what is the best action line to take?

This is the key question I face now.

One of the main challenges I face is that if I keep addying pages to members only the amount of page views and maybe traffic will tend to decrease as well.

So, this is a big question right now.

In the last week, part of the dating for women material has now been set to members only.

There is no visible results except for the fact that sales are steady and the highest they have been in at least a year But the coaching sign ups are low as I said early due to my over activity in producing free video content.

So, what is the best line of action to follow?

Are still free:
  • dating for men - some topics
  • relationships - some topics
  • business - all topics
  • dating for women vids
  • spiritual power
  • babaji

What to do next?

Be coherent with the topic areas which are still free access

These 3 fields are not coherent with the access for vital members strategy:

  • dating for men - some topics
  • relationships - some topics
  • business - all topics

On top of that these 3 channels hardly generate any traffic + what is available lowers the branding image and quality of the site - This is where lots of work can be done next!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Drop in coaching sign ups

While focusing on this "content for vital members only" line, the steady number of coaching sign ups strongly dropped over the last couple of weeks.

There were a few requests in the last few weeks but strangely enough, a drop in signups.

In the previous couple of months, these numbers were steady and up!

Now suddenly a drop.

Here is what can have caused it:

  • I am focused on creating this vital members only content and set up right now. This is where my energy is going. prospects "feel" that and simply don't sign up
  • I started posting too many "video replies" - The coaching channle is now directed to helping people for free again! - This means that my coaching energy is directed again into a free channel line.

I'll quickly check with my vids posting to see if the drop in coaching signups is synchronized with a new increase in vid replies.

Drop started 1st of May.

When checking, I see that many series of vid replies advices have been posted before the drop period without leading to a drop.

For instance in the april period, I count at least 20 vid replies to questions - This is all free coaching and while this went on, the number of coaching sign ups kept coming in.

Now, in the last 2 weeks, the number of vid replies has been steady but coaching sign ups suddenly drops.

I get the feeling the three factors (coaching sign ups drop - vid replies - member only content) are related but I don't fully understand the dynamics of this.

Here is an attempt to explain this (on an energy level):

I have three activity channels:

  • members only content
  • coaching
  • free vid replies

in the past I turned the free advice channel into the coaching channel

This means that I totally blocked the energy that was going into the free advice (forum + personal emails) stream and repolarized it within the coaching stream (coaching sign ups)

The result: 100% increase in coaching sign ups!

It worked instantly.

Now, I get the feeling that the same type of dynamic is happening.

The vid replies action line is polarizing the energy that was going to the coaching sign up channel before.

In theory, my asumption was that giving vid replies away for free gives the oppotunity to my public or audience to get acquainted with mys style and services.

Eventually a fraction of those who see my vids would sign up.

Practically, this is not what happens at all!

In fact, the exact opposite happens:

By giving away for free, I "betray" the commercial spirit or aggreement which is "Don't give away what you want people to pay for - If you give it away in a different format, don't expect people to pay for it..."

Yes! That's one of the keys: it is lack of coherence.

Building the online community contracdicts the monetization of your activity and material.

If you give away your services, don't expect people to pay for it.

Practically, this is not exactly the way it happens. In real, still 50% do pay for my services. But this number can significantly drop further. Overall, giving away my coaching within vid replies or free advice creates a coaching sign up drop of 50% to 100%.

That's at least what I observed.


A key question remains:

If these are the dynamics why didn't the coaching sign up drop appear when i was already posting many vid replies.

Both coaching sign ups + vid replies coexisted during at leat a month! Why?

Because I do have two main activity channels available in my system.

I April, these two main channels were:

  • Coaching
  • Posting vid replies
  • + Some website maintainance + launching part of the new vital member only strategy

In the last month, this dynamic changes: the vid reply activity channel starts overpowering the coahing sign ups channel.

Why? because the pressure and demand coming from that source simply pushes harder and there is a greater response from you...

The same happened at other times where you main activity channel becomes to redesign the site for instance. This can polarize your activity and lead to a strong coaching sign up decrease.

You observed that as well!

Another time, while travveling and having relively little internet acces or space to create new content, you saw the number of coaching sign ups strongly increase as well.

Within a month a few new clients showed up and your coaching activity was boosted.

Again, you simply stopped producing free virtual content during that time which freed energy for the coaching sign ups channel.

In other terms, it's not so much the number of channels which are active, it is how much more power and energy is focused on them.

Yes! These are energy dynamics - They do explain why certain activity channels dry out or don't get enough fuel to feed them.

The key is to naturally activate the channels which are the most essential for you and polarize that energy in these streams


What do I do next?

strengthening the vital membership - more content for members only

over the last couple of weeks, I now give access to even more content to members only - the wake up your power, stay fit, tantric sex, tackle stress, more money are now for members only.

Same with part of the dating for women contnet and vital couples content.

Result: in the same time range, sales are up a good 25% with a few membership sales on top of that.

Conclusion: Another strategy that works.

What is a bit weird is that the sales boost comes from the other programs that already sell: break ups and jealousy.

There is actually littel to no slaes increase in the programs that are now for members only!


Visitors will be more enclined to buy if you don't give other stuff away for free.

If they can get something for free, many will get away with it without buying anything else.

imagine a shop for instance where you give away socks in front of a clothes shop.

The prospects walk by, get the socks and are satisfied with what they got. They have to "digest" their acquisition and happily walk away with it.

Good chances that it works like that on an energy level as well, without visitors actually realizing any of the se dynamic changes.

The boost in vital membership sales only represents as well as sales increase of another 30% in the last week.

This means that in the last week only overall, that's a 50% slaes increase overall.

Yes! before, when visitors checked the content of their membership, they could see that they could actually get 50% of within the free channels.

Now, the number of free channels is absolutely reduced. There are still some of them: the spiritual channels for instance.

The reason why all these channels were free before was:
  • Out of good will - Yes!
  • Desire to share what was created - gving 100 away rather than selling just 1 - Stimulates the flow of content
  • Boost the traffic to the site

All these reasons (except for traffic building when it works) don't make sense within a commercial context, right? But they do make sense within a spiritual context where content is not monetized - Again, when you put these reasons forward, it is good will with no financial reward.

Now, the new line that I developped now (content for members only) does obviously work as the sales are boosted 50%!

This is for the first two weeks of activity.

So, yes! the new line is successful and achieves the desired outcome.

Strategic update - Videos posts, content promotion!


This seems to work pretty well!

Over the last 3 months the number of daily vid views went from 1000 to around 4000 now.

This is impressive and even though it does not sound like much compared with other top video channels, it is a lot if I consider the fact that my site has been getting overall 700 visits/day average over the last 2 years.

In comparison, posting videos has been a super effective way to gain exposure and impact fast.

Yes! It requires focus and high quality content, but it does work!

Overall, that's an action line which gave the highest results.

A quick note: only 25% of my vids have a promotional edge to them - there is still solid content and information in all of them even the promotional ones!

quick update! - Automatice blogs posting to satellite sites

This strategy seems to be working and stable withe the two sites i experimented so far: and
  • is now at 10 visits/day average whereas it was at 2/day before
  • is at 5/day average (1/day before)

I know - very still very insignificant numbers but considering the fact that there has been little activity on the site for a year, that's still a result that shows something!

if this strategy was generalized, this would potentially create around 100 new visits/day to these different sattlite sites.

This can represent 10 new sales/month or 1000 euros/year in sales

That's ok if we consider that setting up and alunching these blogs is the equivalent of one day of work.

These are always vague predictions as the search engines don't respond the way they are "supposed to" - Other parameters usually appear which will influence these results.

Yes! All this could shift!

Yes! Ongoing promotion work for these sites, cross promotion can help boost the site's overall rank for these optimized pages.

Yes! It is one of the possible lines of action...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Low page views - High sales

Interesting what is happening now!

While the number of page views is relatively low related to a few factors, the number of sales is at its highest.

The decrease in page views is related mainly with:
  • Cleaning up the site aboyt a month ago
  • Lower traffic on dating for women SEO pages (they are simply no longer present in the bottom shared border on the site - this leads them to progressively decrease in search engine rank)
  • More pages are now sales pages

So all this logical!

Overall around 20% - 30% decrease traffic on the site

Overall 20% - 30% increase in sales which is very symbolical

more on this in a moment

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Youtube - 30 new subscribers in 4 days

Again, while this might not seem like much for some channels, it is a strong increase in the last couple of days.

The keys? adding new quality videos and topics

Not overwhelmingly promotional

Openess - follow up on comments, etc.

good stuff!

Still a long way to go! - To start reaching new subsribers heights the numbers need to at least double.

The new goal would be at least 100 subscribers/week (right now 30)

To be followed...

crossed the 400o vid views/day on youtube

New milestone.

While this might not seem like much for some of the top channels who might get half a million views on one vid in a day, it is a big setp for me and the site.

Adding new vids keeps bringing in more subscribers and video views.

People like the channel.

It works!

more vital membership and e-books sales coming in - Which means that the new strategy is working

This is essential!

Over the last couplf of weeks, I started added more and more of the site to the vital member only area.

This means that the value of the membership increases because visitors need to buy the membership to access the material.

It is not spectacular but a a few new sales came in the last couple of weeks which indictaes that the strategy is working!

this is definitely a good track!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Access of products and areas to members only

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been giving access to many rpoducts to members only - This works for many reasons:
  • Part of what was for free before is now for sale

The natural consequence of that is that more sales naturally happen.

  • It increases the value of my services and products as well
  • Overall the energy of the site shifts and there is a new type of power vibration happening because of that.

The next question is:

how to strengthen and reinforce the trend?

There are two steps:

  • The first one is to keep adding value to your product by adding vids, e-books and programs
  • The second step is to follow up with promoting what you offer - All the promotional steps you have been taking +offering value via videos all work really well!

So, what is the line of action I should focus on now?

Another question, the number of vital membership sales is not too high, I can see a raize in the other products.

Is there something I need to shift or ad in the way I offer this membership? Anything else needs to be added? What? How? - slight traffic increase

Since the blog was posted and update was done - from 1 visit/day - now at around 3 visits/day

Still insignificant of course - Let's see what happens over the next couple of weeks - Right now, probably 4 posts/day average on that blog traffic - down again to less than 10 visits/day even though the blog posts keep pouring

The temporary success has now decreased back even though these are still a couple of new blog posts every day on that channel.

Traffic is still higher than it was 30 days ago (went from 2/day to 15/day and now is at around 7/day)

Let's see what happens over the next couple of weeks without changing anything.

I know these numbers are low but this is a SEO experiment - What I learn here could be applied to many other sites.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Resources now for members only - Good sales week simply not yet in the membership

A couple of products that rarely sell did sell this week.

+ increase in sales now in the dating success for men - Could be related with the posting of a couple of promotional vids on the topic.

Not many new coaching sign ups.

it seems that from a sales perspective, restricting the access to the stay fit, wake up your power and tantric sex programs does work.

That's at least what I perceive energy wise.

It seems that there is a higher sales response right now.

So, the strategy does work!

The sales are not yet coming in the products which are now for sale but sales are coming from other products.

This strengthens overall the credibility of my services, website and products.

By giving the more value myself, my products gain value in the eyes of my visitors as well.

yes! This strategy works!

Friday, May 9, 2008

traffic on still rising - Linked with new blog published to the site?

Yes, it is still going up.

from 2 visitors/day to 20 visits/day in less than a month.

I know it does not sound like much but these satellite sites have been getting close to not traffic in a whole year, so, this is like a big victory as the other SEO steps I took where not resulting.

Now, here are some keys:

  • I get the feeling that what is published on this blog does not matter - What matters is that there is fresh content

Right or wrong?

  • Does it work because new content is published like 5 times/day or would it work the same if it was once/day

What is the ideal frequency

  • I am now launcing another experiment and see if I observe the same impact on

The new blog on that site was launched just an hour ago

  • How does that strategy score compared with simply publishing vids?

Well, suppose that I have 10 satellite sites all scoring the same with 20 new visits each/day, that's 200 targeted visits - That's for one month - It could be that the traffic increase is similar after the first month. So, I'll need to check how that one works out.

  • As a comparison, new vids get on average 10 visits/day

that's the same type of traffic except that the vids are free content oriented with a small fraction promotional. The satellite sites are sales pages.

Traffic drop - Traffic on the site down 10%-20% in the last couple of weeks

I believe this tredn is the results of the spring clean up I did a couple of weeks ago + restricting certain areas (this last one would explain maybe a 5% drop, especially in the number of page views)

The automatic submissions to blogs is potentially responding only for the site for now.

On this systematic submission does not show in traffic increase yet.

Maybe it won't show at all, no idea for now.

Stay fit, tantric sex and life skills now for vital members only - First impressions

In the last week I turned these channels into member access only.

The goal was to see if overall this:

  • Ads credibility to my site and services
  • Increase sales for vital membership
  • Increases coaching sign ups.

It is of course too short to draw a final conclusion but overall, here is what I observe on the site:

  • No new coaching sign ups for now (maybe explained by my line of activity in the last week which is sales and design)
  • 1 membership sale - This is neither exceptional or unusual - if it works, a trend might be seen within 30 days - This will give me a serious hint.
  • E-books sales steady - maybe slight drop in the beginning of the month - Slightly lowere than over the previous 4 weeks. Too short here to drwa conclkusions.
  • Traffic on the site down 10%-20% - This could be related with restricting the access to these areas, even though this type of traffic drop was seen as well before when updating and cleaning up the site. I get the feeling that this updating is the real cause for this drop in traffic.

Overall, it is definitely too short still to see if it is the right thing to do or not.

It seems as well that if this step has a "negative" energy impact on sales and other aspects, it can be compensated or balanced by other positive steps on the site or in the activity.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Created the tantric sex vital member only area + Posted the promotional vid - 5 min later vital membership sales comes in

This is of course only an indication.

This is the type of energy hints I listen to.

Thank you!

automatic blog posting to blog - working?

As noted before there is an increased traffic trend to this site which could be related with the creation of the blog on that site.

Interesing thing: 0 vistits to the blog itself

But potential traffic increase to the other pages of the site.

Possible Interpretation: search engines give more value to the site because fresh content is published on that domain.

At this stage, It does not seem to matter what is being published on that blog - right now, around 5 new posts/day I think.

20% of these posts are break up related.

To be followed?

To be confirmed?

New expansion line? - Which one is it?

This is the next big question for which I need an answer yet!

This is a question mark and I need guidance and help on that one.


Expansion lines - What I tried so far

This is the key element!

I am pretty sure that there is a possible expansion line for the site and my activity but at this stage I still did not tackle or identify it yet.

When I take a new step for instance the last 3 action lines I have been following, the goal is either expansion or simply activating what already exist.

More impact on audience, sales or traffic for instance.

here are some action lines with results

  • More vids publishing ++++

This hae been working great! There is a steady growth with the action i take with a steady increase in video videws, subscribers, good feed back, comments, etc.

What I am looking at now is potential further break through.


  • New e-books +++

Another very successful line - the new e-books are targeted and powerful and targeted. very good resources that ad value to already existing channels. In that case Break up for men, Dating for men, stay fit and vital membership.


  • Vital members only ???

A few steps have been taken that way.

2 sales/month so far - Mixed results - For this to shift to total success (no guarantee) the overall strategy and energy on the site would have to shift to mainly member access only.

Yes? or no? Is this the way to go? - I would need a clear answer on that one


  • Automatic blog posting - ???

This is another one of these SEO steps with very mixed results. It is along the same line as creating new multiple sites. Poor results in the last couple of years of activity along that line.


  • Platform for others ---

So far, this one did not respond positively. It does not stick!

A few attempts but no the results were contradictory. here is what I tried:

  • Interviews
  • Publishing other articles
  • Opening the forum to anyone's contribution
  • Video interviews
  • Audio interviews

All of this content represents only less than 1% of the content on the site.

This is definitely not a main line.

For this to work long term, the system would need to be automatized.

the thing is that creating a platform for others is a totally different story than creating a platform for yourself and creating the content yourself.

With these results, it is 100% clear that at least at this stage, is about what YOU have to say, not others.


  • Live events ???

This is one direction that was tried - At this stage, vid publishing has much more impact!


  • Group + Community ???

Another possible that direction that was not pursued so far. Why? Because vitalcoaching is non exclusive. It is non ellitist. It does not force you join a syste of beliefs or defend certain values.

the common link is the fact that you are a humn being!

No limitation of gendre, age or cultural backgound.

These techniques are for anyone who wants them.

It is that simple!

Stimulating or establishing a fence or a focused group limits already the impact if this is the main focus.

it can still happen in a group coaching format though.

the door is still open as well. It simply seems that the energy flows towards an all encompassing direction at this stage rather than a localized energy line.

This is why the vital membership which contains all the teachinga nd life strategies a I developped so far is the central point for any community or group oriented energy.

That's the common focus!



what is very clear is that my action has a specific focus and ideal form.

Ceratin action stick while other seems to bounce.

This means that the spirit I work with has a plan, specific purpose and structure.

The energy response is very clear, always!

These are no coincidences!

Vital membership - sales strategy

Right now, something is missing for the vital membership to take off!

It is an ingredient or something which is not fully identified yet!
  • Maybe it is in the amount of content? - Simply need much more to shift to the new octave
  • Maybe everything on the site need to be aligned with it - Stop selling products separately - Stop giving away
  • Maybe it is in the packaging - Shift to monthly or 3 months membership + Unique login and password for members - set it up technically - Etc
  • Etc?

short 5 min vids better than long 45 min ones


Short vids are more effective for various reasons:
  • eaisier to publish
  • easier to watch
  • Can be broadcasted on other sites
  • Higher energy
  • Etc.

Definitely first choice

4 types of content - Videos - E-books - Audios - News

Again, all these 4 types of content truly work!
  • Videos
  • E-books
  • Audios
  • News
They all give power strategies to my audience and increase the value of what I offer!

They complement each other as well!

3 types of vid content - Vid strategies - Vid answers - Vid promotions

These are the three main lines of videos i can create so far.
  • Vid strategies
  • Vid answers
  • Vid promotions
All of them work!

New video content - Works too

Another line of action that really works too is creating new content in video format!

This works great too!

It definitely ads value to what I do + multiplies the size of the strategies database!

It is super powerful

Promotional vids

This is another line of action that works too!

These are promotional vids.

I created them for break ups, jealousy, dating for men, tantra and more.

The goal is to share, inform and direct traffic to this specific pages.

Yes! These ones seem to work too!

Why one on one free advice does not work energy wise

In that specific example, focusing one on one (posts or vids not public) does not work energy wise.

Why? Because my efforst become focused on one person - The benefits are not shared on a larger scale.

This tells exactly why personal free advice does not work.

because it does not maximize my efforts and others don't benefit from my action

People + ADVICE - vid answers

This is the strategy which generates no contradiction so far.

Actually, last week, after posting many new vids, there was a temporary drop in subscribers too which was confusing.

Yes! This type of action has been taken in the past with success:
  • Forum questions
  • Vid answers

in both cases, the energy results is clear!

This launched in both cases a very dynamic and interactive connection with my audience and did lead to key breakthroughs in specific products + expertise and skills building.

So, it is a win-win!

Traffic + SEO - Automatic posting to blogs

This step should create more traffic - What has been observed in the last few days is a traffic drop which indicates the exact opposite results to what was expected.

Of course, it is too soon to draw conclusions.

But the energy response is clear

  • Drop in traffic
  • Energy conflicts


  • The posting strategy is super solid! - If I wanted to pursue that line, there is a strategy here that works really well!


Many similar SEO or traffic building steps have been taken in the past:

  • SEO pages on
  • New targeted sites
  • Automatic blog posting

Money + Sales - Action lines

these are action lines where the focus is on the sales process + Sales page.

there is a product.

i want to sell it.

I focus on the packaging, sales strategy, etc.

In this specific example, vital membership, the results are not yet there.

Why? Because only a fraction of the product is actually ready - 50% of the site is still in free access and turning all that into a member only area will radically shift the energy on the site.

If this is the way to go, i need to test and know for sure as this will remove all or 90% free access material on the site. It needs to be a win/win!

And I need to know if yes or no this is the way to go!

Simply spending 1 year testing is not good enough.

I need to have a vision of what works and what doesn't.

The preliminary results are totally conuterintuitive:
  • Sales down after focusing on that strategy for a week
  • Energy feels blocked


  • Inspiration to go ahead is there
  • Sales strategy and presentation is ok
  • Yes! It is still a potential win-win

Action lines - Money - Traffic - People

In the last few days,
  • I focused on creating the stay fit member only area.
  • I as well set up a few automatic blog posting systems
  • recorded a few vids, some promotional, some not

here are some preliminary feelings and results.



Stay Fit member area for members only - Target --> more income

Target = Money

Effective results

  • sales down

The trend for the last few days is very low. Compared with previous weeks, the number of sales is down around 30% - This is not unusual - It happened many times before in the past

What is more tricky are the energy feelings involved


Automatic blog posting - Target --> More traffic

target = traffic

the traffic has been way down in the last few days for various reason I already mentioned


More vids - Target --> freely share my knwoledge out of true desire to help

target = people

This one focuses on people!

the feed back stays good - the video views + comments + subscribers is steady

Conclusion: This simply works fine.


Of course, the way i describe this is very shematic.

Reality is more complex and I am not just aiming at money when creating vital members only areas.

I am as well not just aiming at just tarffic when setting up automatic blog posting systems.

But... There is an energy or emotional response to all these actions!

And this energy response is very clear!


These 3 lines of actions I focused on are in fact 3 major lines of actions i have already been active before and usually tend to generate the same type of energy response + results. Here are these 3 lines:

  • Money - Sales oriented actions
  • Traffic - SEO + Traffic building
  • People - Advice + solutions + strategies

I'll detail more of these in the following posts

These are in fact 3 types of promotional actions directed at reaching my audience!

In the case of people, advice and help, the word promotional is no longer really appropriate. It is simply a free contribution which does not involve selling or even establishing or securing a long term relationship with my audience.

It is simply free and open and the target is no longer selling, it is solutions, life strategies, challenge solving.

Sales and traffic happen as a side result

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Energy on the site - Right now, because of sales drop, things feel blocked! - Related with stay fi system for members only?

I feel that the state/energy blockage on the site is definitely related with the stay fit for members only step.

The question is:

Is this a temporary transition state or a long term trend that requires action.

Another element plays a role:

Forcing the vital membership with a $79 price tag.

Now, when increasing the coaching fees in the past for instance, the same type of energy reaction was felt.

The solution was to maintain this fee increase and let the energy of the site readapt to this new state.

It worked for that.

With the stay fit system, it feels that the way it is set up now could be incomplete.

So I have a few options:
  • Back to free access
  • $19 price for that system
  • $79 - keep it as it is
  • $79 but ad something to the way it sells now.
  • $79 members only access to other aspects of the site as well - Reinforce the same trend on other systems

25% traffic drop on the site - Aumotatic blog posting penalization?

Over the last coupld of days - Saturday and Sunday, a 25% drop in traffic is visible.

It's unusual but something similar happened in the past.

Possible sources:
  • Outing on the site (observed for 2 hours on Saturday)
  • Outing on youtube - If the vids are slow, the number of page views will strongly drop because thos who are interested can't view the vids - They will access the page, see the vid doesn not load or stream and leave the site with just one page view.
  • Penalization on automatic blog posting and/or content duplication
  • Other

What is stunning is that I just launched new blogs with automatic blog posting, which means that the site is ipdated much more frequently overall.

Logically, the result to these actions should have been the exact opposite!

What is observed is a drop in traffic which simply shows that on that scale, this specific strategy not only does not work, it actually generates the exact opposite results.

Now, this experiment is too localized and short to give an answer 100% accurate.

the chances that something like that is actually happening and that there is some from of penalization happening is relatively small.

I say, this because I can't conceive how such a penalization would actually be set up.

It is possible as well that with frequent updating of the site, this is similar to some sandbox effect (???) that was observed before when changing adwords campaigns or posting a new site map.

In that case, what is observed now would not be a penalization but some sandbox effect.


What is the action to be taken if any?

Is there any long term strategy to apply that would avoid this in the future?

Sales drop! - Related with saty fit access to members only? - STRATEGY

Yesterady, I posted one of the stay fit videos to see if the sales drop would break though.

Today, no shift is observed.

The drop in sales is still there.

Possible causes:
  • Stay fit system for members only - Creates energy blockage?
  • Low traffic overall on the site related with ascencion week end
  • Low traffic on the site related with automatic blog posting penalization?

These are 3 possible causes so far.

No idea which one it is

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Next question - Do you need to give away everything or just one video out of five for instance? - What is the right balance?

I have a 5 vids serie.

First, none of them was published.

Now I published one, the power breakfast recipe.

Do I need to go ahead and publish all of them or it is enough to just publish one for this to work?

decided to go ahead and publish the power breakfast vid on all channels

After a few days of creating this material, and not having it open, it simply stays there.

What it creates on my system is an energy state that calls for an opening.

This need to share and give away is like a flow of energy that I feel inside.

When I stop that flow is like blocking some form of life force channel.

I could try to force it to stop or simply try to open that channel and see what happens...

I know that opening the channel works energy wise because I already tried it before.

My goal by limiting access was to increase sales.

Now, I might publish to open access the other nutrition videos and see what happens.

If sales go up, then it means that it's the thing to do.

If sales go down or nothing changes, then I could go back to the previous state.

If sales go up, the question is:

How does that work on an energy level?

Why would giving away for free this material trigger more sales on the site?

Because you open the communication channels.

That's the first element.

When you limit access you bloc the energy and visitors feel that in a subtle way.

They feel your intention.

When you give away fro free the relationship with your audience is established.

Some of those who access your open material want to have access to the full program.

Because they see you giving away a lot, a relationship of trust is established.

Yes! It is counterintuitive beacue you think that to sell more, you have to fully limit the access but in fact, it is the opposite that happens.

This fact still needs to proven and verified over the next few days.

Drop in sales and traffic after setting up stay fit access to members only

May 3rd - 3 e-book sales in 3 days which is low but not exceptional.

Traffic to site is low as well with potential site outing and loss of traffic as well and no new sign ups for coaching in a few days which is not exceptional either.

This is definitely related with a potential long week end with ascension days which is probably a public holyday in many places.

The Friday might have been an extra free day as well.

The question is: Is this drop a sign I should listen to?

Is this drop related with this recent change in the access to that material

Again, this is only possible on an energy level, as there is not enough traffic to that area of the site to generate visible sales on such short period of time.

Overall, the overall feeling for these stay fit and body pages is as if there is something unfinished with the way pages are set up or with what I did with them as well.

It could be a promotional step or something else which is still unfinished.

Not sure what could be done...

Possible steps:
  • 1 minute promotional videos with the vids already recorded
  • Post the 5 min vids already recorded
  • Package it differently $19 package or something else?