Monday, May 5, 2008

Action lines - Money - Traffic - People

In the last few days,
  • I focused on creating the stay fit member only area.
  • I as well set up a few automatic blog posting systems
  • recorded a few vids, some promotional, some not

here are some preliminary feelings and results.



Stay Fit member area for members only - Target --> more income

Target = Money

Effective results

  • sales down

The trend for the last few days is very low. Compared with previous weeks, the number of sales is down around 30% - This is not unusual - It happened many times before in the past

What is more tricky are the energy feelings involved


Automatic blog posting - Target --> More traffic

target = traffic

the traffic has been way down in the last few days for various reason I already mentioned


More vids - Target --> freely share my knwoledge out of true desire to help

target = people

This one focuses on people!

the feed back stays good - the video views + comments + subscribers is steady

Conclusion: This simply works fine.


Of course, the way i describe this is very shematic.

Reality is more complex and I am not just aiming at money when creating vital members only areas.

I am as well not just aiming at just tarffic when setting up automatic blog posting systems.

But... There is an energy or emotional response to all these actions!

And this energy response is very clear!


These 3 lines of actions I focused on are in fact 3 major lines of actions i have already been active before and usually tend to generate the same type of energy response + results. Here are these 3 lines:

  • Money - Sales oriented actions
  • Traffic - SEO + Traffic building
  • People - Advice + solutions + strategies

I'll detail more of these in the following posts

These are in fact 3 types of promotional actions directed at reaching my audience!

In the case of people, advice and help, the word promotional is no longer really appropriate. It is simply a free contribution which does not involve selling or even establishing or securing a long term relationship with my audience.

It is simply free and open and the target is no longer selling, it is solutions, life strategies, challenge solving.

Sales and traffic happen as a side result

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