Thursday, May 29, 2008

coaching sign up - sales - vital membership

Right now, the vital membership did sell a few copies for this month.

This is the best result I got so far but it is still a fraction of what it could be.

On top of that, coaching signups are still down.

same time for the last two months, many people did sign up for coaching within the exact same circumstances.

Now, this month, this did not happen!

There seems to be an energy blockage or a shift.

The reason why this energy blockage is there right now is probably related with the fact that there is now much less for free.

There is more concentration of power in because of this membership.

This means that I perceive as well more pressure and demand.

I have two possible directions I can take:
  • The first one is to persevere along the line I am in and create lots of new e-books and fresh content for members only to increase the value of the membership
  • The second one is to go back to offering lots of this material for free.

It seems that there is a key balance to find and because I now added more material to the vital membership + no longer offer free advice, the previous balance did shift.

On an energy note, the "ashramic power" of the site is an open question right now.

That's something to check further...

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