Saturday, May 31, 2008

coaching sign ups drop - possible causes - Summary

Here it is to summarize:

  • Selling article access destroys the bridge of trut with my audience - it creates resentment towards my site - potential clienst feel that and are turned off = Commercialization

  • Coherence gap - membership + coaching too cheap which loweres the perceived value of my service + my own level of power = Incoherence

  • My Coaching spirit simply focused on creating new products rather than coaching one on one = Natural energy shift

  • Incoherence - coaching and advice might have been perceived as being part of the membership package - incoherence on that level - This has been changed in the last few days = Betrayal

So, this makes 4 possible identified causes.

3 of them can be shifted or solved and action can be taken.

In the natural energy shift cause, it is different. It is simply mainly related with a natural cycle in my activity.

What action do I need to take in the coming month?

Is there something I need to shift?

Do I need to let go and simply accept that I am now in another cycle?

What is the final answer to that?

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