Saturday, May 3, 2008

decided to go ahead and publish the power breakfast vid on all channels

After a few days of creating this material, and not having it open, it simply stays there.

What it creates on my system is an energy state that calls for an opening.

This need to share and give away is like a flow of energy that I feel inside.

When I stop that flow is like blocking some form of life force channel.

I could try to force it to stop or simply try to open that channel and see what happens...

I know that opening the channel works energy wise because I already tried it before.

My goal by limiting access was to increase sales.

Now, I might publish to open access the other nutrition videos and see what happens.

If sales go up, then it means that it's the thing to do.

If sales go down or nothing changes, then I could go back to the previous state.

If sales go up, the question is:

How does that work on an energy level?

Why would giving away for free this material trigger more sales on the site?

Because you open the communication channels.

That's the first element.

When you limit access you bloc the energy and visitors feel that in a subtle way.

They feel your intention.

When you give away fro free the relationship with your audience is established.

Some of those who access your open material want to have access to the full program.

Because they see you giving away a lot, a relationship of trust is established.

Yes! It is counterintuitive beacue you think that to sell more, you have to fully limit the access but in fact, it is the opposite that happens.

This fact still needs to proven and verified over the next few days.

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