Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Drop in coaching sign ups

While focusing on this "content for vital members only" line, the steady number of coaching sign ups strongly dropped over the last couple of weeks.

There were a few requests in the last few weeks but strangely enough, a drop in signups.

In the previous couple of months, these numbers were steady and up!

Now suddenly a drop.

Here is what can have caused it:

  • I am focused on creating this vital members only content and set up right now. This is where my energy is going. prospects "feel" that and simply don't sign up
  • I started posting too many "video replies" - The coaching channle is now directed to helping people for free again! - This means that my coaching energy is directed again into a free channel line.

I'll quickly check with my vids posting to see if the drop in coaching signups is synchronized with a new increase in vid replies.

Drop started 1st of May.

When checking, I see that many series of vid replies advices have been posted before the drop period without leading to a drop.

For instance in the april period, I count at least 20 vid replies to questions - This is all free coaching and while this went on, the number of coaching sign ups kept coming in.

Now, in the last 2 weeks, the number of vid replies has been steady but coaching sign ups suddenly drops.

I get the feeling the three factors (coaching sign ups drop - vid replies - member only content) are related but I don't fully understand the dynamics of this.

Here is an attempt to explain this (on an energy level):

I have three activity channels:

  • members only content
  • coaching
  • free vid replies

in the past I turned the free advice channel into the coaching channel

This means that I totally blocked the energy that was going into the free advice (forum + personal emails) stream and repolarized it within the coaching stream (coaching sign ups)

The result: 100% increase in coaching sign ups!

It worked instantly.

Now, I get the feeling that the same type of dynamic is happening.

The vid replies action line is polarizing the energy that was going to the coaching sign up channel before.

In theory, my asumption was that giving vid replies away for free gives the oppotunity to my public or audience to get acquainted with mys style and services.

Eventually a fraction of those who see my vids would sign up.

Practically, this is not what happens at all!

In fact, the exact opposite happens:

By giving away for free, I "betray" the commercial spirit or aggreement which is "Don't give away what you want people to pay for - If you give it away in a different format, don't expect people to pay for it..."

Yes! That's one of the keys: it is lack of coherence.

Building the online community contracdicts the monetization of your activity and material.

If you give away your services, don't expect people to pay for it.

Practically, this is not exactly the way it happens. In real, still 50% do pay for my services. But this number can significantly drop further. Overall, giving away my coaching within vid replies or free advice creates a coaching sign up drop of 50% to 100%.

That's at least what I observed.


A key question remains:

If these are the dynamics why didn't the coaching sign up drop appear when i was already posting many vid replies.

Both coaching sign ups + vid replies coexisted during at leat a month! Why?

Because I do have two main activity channels available in my system.

I April, these two main channels were:

  • Coaching
  • Posting vid replies
  • + Some website maintainance + launching part of the new vital member only strategy

In the last month, this dynamic changes: the vid reply activity channel starts overpowering the coahing sign ups channel.

Why? because the pressure and demand coming from that source simply pushes harder and there is a greater response from you...

The same happened at other times where you main activity channel becomes to redesign the site for instance. This can polarize your activity and lead to a strong coaching sign up decrease.

You observed that as well!

Another time, while travveling and having relively little internet acces or space to create new content, you saw the number of coaching sign ups strongly increase as well.

Within a month a few new clients showed up and your coaching activity was boosted.

Again, you simply stopped producing free virtual content during that time which freed energy for the coaching sign ups channel.

In other terms, it's not so much the number of channels which are active, it is how much more power and energy is focused on them.

Yes! These are energy dynamics - They do explain why certain activity channels dry out or don't get enough fuel to feed them.

The key is to naturally activate the channels which are the most essential for you and polarize that energy in these streams


What do I do next?

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