Monday, May 5, 2008

Money + Sales - Action lines

these are action lines where the focus is on the sales process + Sales page.

there is a product.

i want to sell it.

I focus on the packaging, sales strategy, etc.

In this specific example, vital membership, the results are not yet there.

Why? Because only a fraction of the product is actually ready - 50% of the site is still in free access and turning all that into a member only area will radically shift the energy on the site.

If this is the way to go, i need to test and know for sure as this will remove all or 90% free access material on the site. It needs to be a win/win!

And I need to know if yes or no this is the way to go!

Simply spending 1 year testing is not good enough.

I need to have a vision of what works and what doesn't.

The preliminary results are totally conuterintuitive:
  • Sales down after focusing on that strategy for a week
  • Energy feels blocked


  • Inspiration to go ahead is there
  • Sales strategy and presentation is ok
  • Yes! It is still a potential win-win

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