Saturday, May 31, 2008

overall income drop even though more products are for sale

For May,

the number of sales is relatively steady with a slight increase in membership.

But the numbre of coaching sign ups dropped massively.

This means that overall there is an income drop of around 20%

is this indicative or is it the result of a logical energy shift?

This is what I need to answer now!

Here is a possible explanation for such drop:

suppose that on an energy level, I get paid not for the sales or the coaching hours but truly for the positive impact I have in people's lives.

Suppose that this month, because I have been restricting many areas of the site to members only, there is a negative overall emotional reaction coming from my audience.

This means that overall, I create less good will and therefore my overall income drops!

This is logical energy wise but is this really the way it works?

Over the last few months, I create massive amount of value in the form of videos.

These videos are accessed by thousands of people every day.

If I am paid for my good will and the positive impact I have, how come I don't get a proportional increase in sales because of that?


Because money is not the only reward you get.

many actions are taken for other reasons on this planet and deciding to provide free access quality content can reward you in many ways! In that case you already know what this reward is.

So, to the next point:

If the trend you created is not right or creates the exact opposite to what you want, do you need to somehow reverse it or ad something to your activity which will shift the balance you feel right now?

What are the possible actions?
  • Create promotional high value videos which ad value to a sales page naturally
  • Bring back articles and topic areas back to free access
  • Create new e-books and material which ads value to your life mastery sytem
  • Keep moving forward and keep doing exactly what you have been doing in the last month - You are on the right track.

This whole coaching signup drop issue could be related to a broken bridge of trust phenomena.

If I intensify the commercial targets on my site, visitors feel that and are turned off by this.

Even if a specific individual does not see these new sales pages, they might still pickup on a negative emotional response overall many visitors get when they are faced with a sales page.

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