Tuesday, May 20, 2008

quick update! - Automatice blogs posting to satellite sites

This strategy seems to be working and stable withe the two sites i experimented so far: breakupformen.com and breakupforwomen.com
  • breakupformen.com is now at 10 visits/day average whereas it was at 2/day before
  • breakupforwomen.com is at 5/day average (1/day before)

I know - very still very insignificant numbers but considering the fact that there has been little activity on the site for a year, that's still a result that shows something!

if this strategy was generalized, this would potentially create around 100 new visits/day to these different sattlite sites.

This can represent 10 new sales/month or 1000 euros/year in sales

That's ok if we consider that setting up and alunching these blogs is the equivalent of one day of work.

These are always vague predictions as the search engines don't respond the way they are "supposed to" - Other parameters usually appear which will influence these results.

Yes! All this could shift!

Yes! Ongoing promotion work for these sites, cross promotion can help boost the site's overall rank for these optimized pages.

Yes! It is one of the possible lines of action...

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