Sunday, May 11, 2008

Resources now for members only - Good sales week simply not yet in the membership

A couple of products that rarely sell did sell this week.

+ increase in sales now in the dating success for men - Could be related with the posting of a couple of promotional vids on the topic.

Not many new coaching sign ups.

it seems that from a sales perspective, restricting the access to the stay fit, wake up your power and tantric sex programs does work.

That's at least what I perceive energy wise.

It seems that there is a higher sales response right now.

So, the strategy does work!

The sales are not yet coming in the products which are now for sale but sales are coming from other products.

This strengthens overall the credibility of my services, website and products.

By giving the more value myself, my products gain value in the eyes of my visitors as well.

yes! This strategy works!

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