Friday, May 9, 2008

Stay fit, tantric sex and life skills now for vital members only - First impressions

In the last week I turned these channels into member access only.

The goal was to see if overall this:

  • Ads credibility to my site and services
  • Increase sales for vital membership
  • Increases coaching sign ups.

It is of course too short to draw a final conclusion but overall, here is what I observe on the site:

  • No new coaching sign ups for now (maybe explained by my line of activity in the last week which is sales and design)
  • 1 membership sale - This is neither exceptional or unusual - if it works, a trend might be seen within 30 days - This will give me a serious hint.
  • E-books sales steady - maybe slight drop in the beginning of the month - Slightly lowere than over the previous 4 weeks. Too short here to drwa conclkusions.
  • Traffic on the site down 10%-20% - This could be related with restricting the access to these areas, even though this type of traffic drop was seen as well before when updating and cleaning up the site. I get the feeling that this updating is the real cause for this drop in traffic.

Overall, it is definitely too short still to see if it is the right thing to do or not.

It seems as well that if this step has a "negative" energy impact on sales and other aspects, it can be compensated or balanced by other positive steps on the site or in the activity.

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