Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Still coaching sign up drop

It has been now close to a month since the drop started and the answers to this challenge has not yet been found.

I shifted back offering the dating success - for women fully for free - So, that shift did not change yet the response.

The main change in this month is the number of membership sales.

In a way, the coaching signups was replaced by membership sales.

the two products or directions (membership and coaching) are two possible upgrade or upsales lines.

The other main shift that happened in the last month is the access to stay fit, life skills, etc. channels on the site for members only.

It is in that area that there could be some contradiction or conflicting energy.

E-books for sale makes sense to the prospect.

A bunch of targeted articles doe not make sense to the prospect because this is a type of product which is usually for free.

So, here are a few possible strategies:
  • Turn the articles content into e-books for every life area I restrict to members only?
  • Offer the articles again for free?
The first option is the best.

Right now, the membership is not yet fully coherent!

There are many gaps and areas that can be improved + Content to be created!

So, this is the area where a whole lot of power and energy can be put!

So, the goal would be to quadrupple the number of membership signups by the end of the next month!

The product needs to be coherent and value needs to be added to it!

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