Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vital membership - With free advice or not?

At this stage, there are a few possible ways to offer the membership:
  • Products only (present option)
  • With free advice
  • With 30 min credits
  • With 60 min credits

Yes! There is a grey line I did not foresee originally.

Offering free advice for members is a possible extra but what is the exact limit?

Another option is not to offer free advice at all (except support with technical issues of course).

If members want extra coaching, they simply need to sign up which is fair of course.

These are simply two different products:

There is coaching and there is the vital membership.

This is the first option and the one I am applying now.

Does this need to change?

What is the long term idea for this membership?

Should free advice or even some coaching credits be included?

What about the practicalities and keeping track?

Isn't offering extra credits too generous and limiting for me?

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