Monday, June 16, 2008

Natural evolution

The natural evolution is for the e-books and program sales to rise up again.

The ask a question feature is not usually part of any e-book, audios or videos you ever buy!

So offering that within a package is like being too generous and by doing so, maybe lowering your credibility.

When there is a shift in features, it takes a while for the audience to readapt.

For instance, if you have been offering something for free, selling that product will take a while to take off.

It takes off only if it is a justified feature and is really stable on the long term.

The best way to find out is what are others doing in that field.

For instance, if you had to pay to make a search on a search engine, this would be a massive turn off, right?

on the other hand, receiving one on one personalized help from a top expert is something most people don't really expect because close to no one practices that.

So, at this stage, the exact right strategy needs to be found.

The strategy you have been applying over the last few months - No free advice - has been working great with simply getting people to sign up for coaching.

So, that one works and is well intended because the other option was tried and can work if you don't need any source of income or don't want to sell your coaching services.

You then function from a different persepctvive and don't worry about money at all.

You simply help for free when you want to.

Of course, right now, the trend is to ask prospects to sign up which is very fair.

For the e-books and programs sales, the same applies.

The products you offer are super solid and they do work with or without the ask a question option.

This means that every times someone buys such product, they get a massive amount of value for a very low price.

It targets exactly waht they face and this gives them the boost of energy and power kick they are looking for!

They can access the material online as many times as they want without any time limit!

Alltogether, these packages are impressive in quality and value!

You offer loads for a very small price and any one who would not go ahead and buy your package would miss a massive opportunity!

They would waste time + energy

ask a question included - another possible option

Here is how I tried to word this feature in a way which keeps it optional:


Can't find the answer to your specific situation? - No problem! A simple link in your member area or e-book allows you to email me with your question.

You usually get an answer + detailed strategy within 24 hours.

This is not a feature I can guarantee at 100% because of my travelling schedule and other professional demands.

It is something I try to offer as much as possible though.

This feature is the equivalent to a 5 min email advice session.

If your question is too detailed or I simply have too many professional commitments whe you contact me, I will simply ask you to sign up for a coaching session.


Here is another example with the "Complete package" feature:

Everything you need to win is included in this package! - You won't be asked or pushed to buy anything else - No upsell! - No upgrades! - Again, it's all included!

One exception of course! That's if you want to have one on one coaching with me - In that case, yes, you'll need to buy coaching credits which are not included with this package.


Again, first impression, it's not too convincing.


because when you buy a product, you need security!

You need something solid rather than some vague feature that might or might be not depending on vague elements.


Use it or not?

Possible evolution

here are possible future packaging options:
  • Ask a question included - Vague - What's the limit? (already used until May 2008)
  • 5 min email coaching credits included
  • 15 min email coaching credits included
  • 60 min credits with vital membership
  • No expert advice included - sign up for coaching



  • If I offer free coaching with e-books, programs and memberships, it is part of the package and is no longer some form of optionla service I offer if I want to

This means that the continuity with being present to answer questions must be stronger.

This is more than simple technical support!

It is really a coaching service and those who answer the questions must be trained and really know what they are doing.

If I offer this service, it is a serious commitment, not just an extra I can do on the side.

If it's a feature it has to be solid!

I could as well keep it really flexible and offer it if I want to and make it clear that this could be an extra that customers might receive.

This last option tends to create a sense of slight instability...

Recommended? Yes? No?

This feature is something that was vague before. Setting it up that way was okay because I was offering free advice until February 2008.

Now that I shifted to a more firm strategy and no longer give free advice, I need to be coherent and show integrity.

Being lose with that is along the same line as using some illustrations picked online for instance or other unprofessional practices.

You do get away with them and it's even not that much of a big deal but it lowers your professionalism and brand.



Best option?

To be followed

March - June results

here are soem of the conclusions I reached so far:


No free advice
  • coaching sign up increase 100%
  • programs sales decrease 50% (to be confirmed by end of June)
  • membership sales decrease 50% (to be confirmed by end of June)


No free programs

  • vital membership sales increase 100%
  • coaching sign ups drop 50%
  • programs sales stable


3 strategic options

Coaching first

  • e-books without free advice
  • a few open programs
  • no free advice


Memberships first

  • ask a question included
  • No programs for free


Programs first

  • Ask a question included


At this stage, the major challenge has to do with offering or not expert advice with a program

here are 4 possible options:

  • Ask a question included - Vague - What's the limit?
  • 5 min email coaching credits included
  • 15 min email coaching credits included
  • No expert advice included - sign up for coaching

At this stage, I am in between these various options.

In March, April and till middle May the ask a question feature was still showing on the sales pages.

At this stage, in may, the coaching sign ups dropped and I received some feed back that made me realize that the sales pages needed to be updated.

Since May 25th, the ask a question feature + a couple of other features have been removed from sales pages.

Since June 1st, the stay fit, wake up your power and tantric sex have been set to open access again.

CANCELLED THAT STEP - June 16th - shifted back to the original strategy that did lead to the best results in March and April 2008


I decided to cancel that reversed step because something is still missing when I take that step.

At this stage, I might still be testing the present strategy till the end of this month.


June 16th - I posted back the original sales structure.

In theory, this should:
  • Push back the e-books, and programs sales up
  • Stimulate coaching sign ups
Let's see what happens... Will that trend be confirmed by June 30th?

3 main products!

At this stage there are 4 product lines on the site:

In open access
  • programs, e-books, videos and audios in open access


  • Individual programs and e-books, audios, etc
  • Vital membership

Bonuses - free advice (15 min email coaching included) - This is what I used to practice before march 2008

I stopped practicing that in March 2008 - stopped offering free advice - coaching sign ups went up 100%

  • Coaching

no free advice

Access to all material on the site (vital membership included)

The best formula that worked in March and April 2008

  • "Yes, ask questions" advertized on the sales page
  • A few open access programs on the site
  • No free advice neither in forum or email

Conclusion, go back to the March - April strategy, balance and arrangement

drop in e-book sales - oups! one more point! forgot about that one!

About 2 to 3 weeks ago I stopped offering free advice to people who buy my products or the membership.

For a couple of weeks before that, I was still advertising free advice in the sales pages - 3 weeks ago I removed this "free advice feature from the sales pages.

This is when e-books sales dropped back and are still relatively low since then - around 30% drop.

On the other hand, it seems that coaching sign ups are relatively high for this last week.

So, the sales gap seems to be compensated so far by an increase in coaching sign ups.

membership sales are low, but the period is too short to be really indicative.

Friday, June 13, 2008

what step to take to bring the e-books sales back up

As I said earlier, the sales could be down because I added new video materiald but did not connected this to my audience via any promotional or video publishing step.

Conclusion here is a possible step:
  • Simply offer these videos in free access and use the full vids as they are as promotional videos for the rest of the program

Other possible steps that did not really convince me:

  • Post the first min of the video - Already tried with the jealousy for men series - Not too convinving for some reason
  • Automatic posts to blogs - not ideal either
  • Create a special promotional vid - too limited - feels like duplicated work + purely promotional work leads to a specific emotional response from my audience - This one works though! In fact my first promotional break up vid is not even promotional - It is a solid complete break up strategy I distributed without stopping it - Music + edited

This last strategy could be the solution.

Questions are:

  • Music + editing? yes or no?
  • Do that for all new vids or just for one?
  • Use the full vid or only some parts?

I need answers on these! Thank you!

The nature of the coaching spirit

Two ways to look at it.

The coaching spirit is intimately associated with me.

Basically, the coaching spirit is me

the second way is to see the coaching spirit as a separate and independent entity.

I tune into that coaching spirit and I am serving that force or that power.

This coaching spirit is of course connected with all the forces that sponsor my work


This coaching spirit has its own plan, purpose or destiny line.

My purpose and destiny line is simply a line of energy within that vaster larger purpose.

There is no contradiction of course because my inspiration from the start has been intimately coming from that source.

These two way of looking at it work.

Now, when I overcommercialize the site, there is an emotional or energy response from my sponsors which creates a tension.

The reason why I talk about these concepts is because my sales and promotional strategy is intimatley lined with what in the core of this coaching spirit.

This is much more than my own decision.

My moves are aligned with an internal vision, power and destiny line which is very clear in terms of energy direction.

Within this coaching spirit, this clarity is formless but it does energetically respond to my intentions and actions.

This tells me exactly when I am in tune and when I am not.

My own awareness of the plan I follow has been the result of getting feelings by trying directions.

I tried many directions.

Sometimes, the energy response is positive. I feel a synchronization internally because the enrgy flows really well.

Sometimes, the energy response is negative which means that tension is created and the energy seems to stop flowing.

Sales numbers relatively low

This has been going on for three weeks now with numbers especially low in the last week.

In that case, there are three possible explanations:
  • This is simply a natural up and down
  • The increased coaching sign ups is related with the fact that this is where the coaching spirit is focusing it's energy right now - This could be the reflection of my own subsconscious intentions or it could be the result from an intention shift in a coaching spirit which is partly independent from me - I'll talk about this more in a minute.
  • The fact that I did create a new set of videos for members only and by doing so I created a wall of energy and did not really link my energy again with my unified audience. This means that my process is incomplete and I still need to take some steps to link this new material all the way with my unfied audience.

At this stage, I feel like this third explanation is the key.

The reason why i did not take a final step is because the strategies I used in the past are ok but I feel there might be something else and new to do to promote or link these videos with my global audience.

coaching sign ups - still up

This week confirms the trend with many more coaching sign ups.

The test was:

Does decommercializing access to various areas of the site like wake up your power, stay fit and tantric sex lead to rebuilding the trust bridge with the audience?

The answer is yes so far.

Of course the trend needs to be checks and confirmed by the end of this month, but for now the trend is very clear.

Just one week after freeing the access to these programs, coaching sign ups start flowing again.

In that case, the conclusion is:

commercialization is a massive turn off.

by the way, during that period of time here are other things that are still going on:
  • The access to the forum is still open
  • No free one on one advice is given (neither via email, personal messages or forum posts) - My answer is standard and encourages the prospect to sign up for coaching.

of course, these trends I observe are not the reflection of one prospect's or visitor's response.

They are the reflection of my audience as a whole.

We are talking about energy response from an audience.

This is a response to my intentions.

These trends that I observe now are difficult to explain unless I consider my audience as a unified field of energy rather than separated visitors and prospects.

This means that one visitor, will respond to the emotions I project and what they feel from the audience's unified field of energy.

While they don't directly interact with other members of that audience, they still feel each other's response as a unified field of emotions.

Their emotional response + signing up for coaching or buying a product is the reflection of what they feel when they touch this unified field of energy which is my audience.

A tiny little change which is hardly perceptible by 95% of my visitors will result in that case in a 200% increase in coaching sign ups for instance.

This means that my intentions, what I project and the way I package and offer my help (free, programs, membership, videos, etc) will have a definite and clear impact in the way my audience responds to my message.

The thing is that in my case, the shifts I made in the beginning of this month touch programs that most of those who signed up for coaching did not even check (This is my belief at 80% - That's my level of certainty about that fact)

This means that subtle and invisible forces are at play and visitors not only read or check my material, they as well receive a subtle formless telepathic message which impacts on their emotions and is the reflection of my intentions + The unified field of energy of my audience.

This is it!

I will try to find a simpler way to summarize this ;)

Monday, June 9, 2008

New coaching sign ups

Only one week after shifting back to free content for stay fit, wake up your power and tantric sex, new coaching sign up comes in.

Does it mean that the trust energy bridge is back on track because no over-commercialization on the site? Could be...

See if the trend gets confirmed by the end of the month...

Friday, June 6, 2008

traffic from youtube

Over a whole year period, clicks from youtube represented 2% of the overall traffic to

in the last month, this traffic is rising and is now at 6%

This accounts only for real clicks.

the direct traffic is 12% in the last month.

The overall traffic related with my youtibe activity could around 10% of my overall traffic.

This is like 70 visits/day

with 3000 videos watched/day, this represents a 2.3% CTR - clich through rate

for 100 videos watched, 2 persons visit my site

If I continue posting vids the way I do and get the same type of results, this number of youtube related visits could be at 180 by the end of the year.

This is equivalent to the traffic coming from yahoo right now

these are still small numbers and it is as well only a vague prediction.

Now parameters can come in place that could shift this around totally!

The key element to remembers is that right now, yotube accounts for about 10% of the traffic to my site.

Break up for men - what it really comes down to

The key targest are these ones:
  • More traffic to the sales page
  • Increased brand and name recognition
  • Positive vibes

These are the traditional promotional methods I have been using.

Is there any new step I can take?

How else can I use the new vid theme or success stories?

Something is still missing!

how to use break up success stories?

At this stage, I am only using them to a very small fraction of their potential!

It could be via
  • Vids
  • Blog posts
  • Audios

At this stage, I am missing a method! I miss a technique or approach to send that message out!

I know there is a huge untapped potential along that line!

how to promote new material?

The key dilemma here is to promote new vids or additions without triggering emotional reactions because at the end you don't give your visitors or viewers what they were expecting to get for free.

At this stage, here is an example:

I created this new vid called "4 key steps to get her out of your mind".

Online right now, no one knows it exists!

No one!

That's the problem because it is highly valuable but no one knows it exists!

at this stage, I have two possible avenues to get the word out:
  • Offering the first minute for free?
  • Creating a promotional vid for that one?
  • Offering the vid for free in my various vid channels and hoping that this will trigger actually more sales?
  • Automatic post series to blogs?
  • Forget about that one and simply create a series of promotional videos based on a totally different content: success stories!

this last one sounds like a good alternative...

Main promotional strategy?

Here are the promotional strategies i tried so far:
  • Google + yahoo ads - in decline due to far too high click prices
  • SEO pages
  • Promotional vids
  • Automatic posting to blogs
  • Post and wait

here are some directions that could work in theory but that don't

  • Generously posting big parts of the content in the hope of attracting more people to the site and getting at least some to buy the full product
  • Answering most of the questions in depth for free
  • Posting links in forums (usually considered as spam - moderators usually kick out that type of promotional offers)

Right now, I am really looking for a new way to promote or not promote.

Simply keep on doing what I have been doing till now?

There is a gap in my marketing strategy and I am simply not sure what the next step is!

I need help and a clear picture about that one!

Some clear direction is still missing!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

new blog launched at -

From 3 other blogs launched on other sites, 2 of them seems to have lead to significant increase in traffic for that domina name (not the blog itself)

Let's see what happens for that one

New ebooks? - What's the next step strategy?

Over the last couple of months i did create a few new e-books.

some fo the do get natural exposure because they are part of an existing program.

Some others though are hidden in the site and get very little traffic and sales potential.

The sales for these e-books is right now with the vital membership.

What can be done next?
  • Create a new autoreseponder + automatic blog posting for it?
  • Create a set of videos to promote it?
  • Offer it for free in exchange of for instance a youtube subscription?
  • Offer it as a stand alone product rather than with the vital membership?
  • Simply create new e-books and keep posting them the way I did?
  • New fire targets which have nothing to do with that line of action?
  • Something else?

When the vital membership is reinforced for all products, creating new e-books flows and makes sense.

Now, when offering some channels for free, this contradicts the vital membership build up.

The fire to create new e-books partially drops down because the target (vital memberships sign ups) is no longer top priority.

Something else is above that target which is the ashramic vibes I talked earlier about in other posts.

So, what's the direction?

I need an answer on that one!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Strategic change for this month due to coaching sign ups decrease + income decrease

Starting today and yesterday, I started offering again wake up your power, sty fit + tantric sex in free access.

over the last month, I commercialize and made the channels + many other resources for members only.

By the end of the month, the e-book sales are steady and the vital memberships are slightly up (50%) however, the number of new coaching sign ups is down by 80% for that month.

There are two possible lines I can take:
  • The first one is strengthening and perfecting the way I promote the membership
  • The second is go back to the previous "free access" format for many of these resources.

This second option would mean a drop in value for the vital membership as many resources are now free access instead of members only.

Right now, the strategy would be to follow up on that line of action and see what happens by the end of the month.

If coaching sign ups go up again, it means that commercializing some of these channels seems to kill coaching sign ups.

This could be due to energy reasons I explored ealier in previous posts like:

  • Negative emotional build up by people being turned off when having to buy the membership
  • Commercialization of some of these channels destroys the trust bridge I have with these prospects because my activities are suddenly perceived as mony and commercial oriented.
  • Etc.

The results for this month could simply be the reflection of a transition and a new equilibrium could eventually be built up after a few months.

because of the commercial fire took in the last month, the value of the membership could eventually increase to the point where the membership sales start building up.

This could eventually compensate for the loss in coaching sign ups and these ones could even take off again.

Practically, the temporary results of this last month shift has been an income decrease. Overall, around 25% mainly related with drop in coaching sign ups.

Now, this is a cross road point.

Depending on the direction I engage it gives two very different colours to the site and my online activity.

The first line focuses much more on free content.

The second one builds up the vital membership as the main line on the site.

I will test now the first line for a month (that's the idea) and see what results I get within these 30 days.

Both lines are a exciting action lines with lots of potential of course, but the site and my activty is probably slightly more attuned with one or the other.

The final answer might be to take a middle line and do both.

This is tough though because giving stuff away fro free brings down the vlaue of the vital membership. So these two lines of action apprently contradict themselves.

To be followed of course...